Month: February 2013

Suggestions To Find An Advertiser A Tu Web Site

As well, what are the tricks to find an advertiser? Where and how search? The first thing you should do is find websites of similar themes, after finding them should be put in contact with the webmasters or administrators of those sites websites, sending a message by e-mail. By what is known between 5% and 10% of recipients, i.e. the owners of websites or responsible for promoting them are captured. But well, that price has to offer you advertise? Therefore this price depends on many factors, among which are the number of visits to the web site, in which party is advertising space, the dimension of banner and some others. But yes, there is a formula for doing so without that get in touch with the owners of Web sites. Therefore, below are a few more tricks that you have to follow:-search the Internet forums of webmasters, containing sections enabled the creation of threads of advertising. Therefore, you should take advantage of those forums and create ads threads in the advertising space on your web project. -you have to include labels on the block, enabled to put ads on your web site, such as advertise here, the advertising space or others in this regard.

If your web project has not yet awakened interest to any advertiser, you must change the manoeuvre. Therefore, you have to read the tricks below that would follow you well:-If you are the owner of a web project relating to business, because first you have to find at least 20 websites of similar themes to the yours project, i.e. of business. Then you must, as you said at the beginning, get in touch with owners or those who are responsible for those Web sites. How to get in touch? Therefore, you must send them by e-mail, to appear on those websites, offers. But the thing is that Yes you must awaken interest to advertise in your project. The first thing you should do is put a free banner, of smaller dimensions, before you send offers by e-mail.

-The second thing you need to do is to offer to the one who is the second in advertise on your website, a 50% discount of the price for having placed the banner of dimensions that is. One that is the third to announce, on the other hand, enjoy 25% discount. If you give importance to these steps, you’ll find advertisements within a month most likely.


In the past has taught us that the best way to get money and the more stable was to be used, but this idea no longer works in an economy where jobs are scarce and more volatile, are no longer for life as in the past, and you can be fired at any time. What is the solution? If you can get a temporary job with fixed salary, dale welcome while it lasts, but the real solution of Fund is that you learn to be independent, you seek to earn extra money, you’re creative, you act permanently, develops your ability to display opportunities and observation to detect them in time. Internet is a medium that facilitates you to be independent, because connects you with the whole world, and if you manage and defend you in more than one language, you will have an advantage over your competitors. No to be expert in technology to make money through virtual media and multimedia. Simply specialize in a for activities, be good enough to differentiate yourself from the competition, love the change, new trends of customers, partner with others, participate in forums, and apply a little marketing to make your product reaches those who need it and to have impact that you buy or hire.

It is a matter of mentality and consciousness so that you develop your financial independence and business. Not afraid afraid to venture into new projects, learn and flow with the trends of the customers, show your skills, improve and maintain existing, because only the best will survive in the business as a separate, and you can be in the moment in which you find a niche business where Excel and passionate about you. Business types and the alternatives of making money are readily available on internet losportales, and with a little research you can find the different options, either selling other products, offering your services as a freelance, design, virtual, in finance or marketing software tools, getting customers, communicating with consumers, expressing ideas, being a good Communicatorno matter the medium. But the most important thing It is that you convict that you can earn money independently, gain awareness of its importance, learn one trick pony to expedite the process, and begin to act to become financially independent. A good start is that you develop your blog, participate in social networks, and keep the sentidosabiertos for detecting opportunities, always present and willing to make you use them first, or second or third, doesn’t matter, because there is market for all.