English Attachment

For it, the attachment behavior mother-baby would have appeared to guarantee safe proximity between adult and baby and is provoked by the baby since its initial gestures. It is important to leave clearly that the affective entailing is not only the automatic result of the physiology, therefore we are biological cultural beings. The attachment guarantees the protection of the baby, but it is the interaction between mother and son whom the construction of the affective bond guarantees. Minute inquiries of the behavior of small children have disclosed the presence of natural adaptations for the social interaction and the formation of affective entailings. The attachment is closely on to the parental investment, and of it cannot be dissociado, therefore it is from the signals emitted for the baby and of the reply of parents it who if forms the bond.

If he cannot think one without the other. As shown in the example above, one notices that the baby acts on the adult and this answers the baby of a form that goes increasing the affective entailing for the constant answers, therefore, according to John Bowlby, psychiatrist and English psychoanalyst, cited for Pliny Landmark of Toni, one of the determinative factors for the sprouting and maintenance of the attachment behavior it is the rapidity with that the adult answers to the baby and the intensity of the interaction. The attachment behavior, beyond the protection function, propitiates to the baby a series of social interactions that collaborate for a healthful development of the child, beyond providing chances to it to train its social behaviors and to perceive the modifications of it in the way. Thus, he is thanks to this proximity mother-baby who this will have chances to see and to explore the world in a safe way, and thus to develop its brain, to learn with the others of its species and to feel part of it insurance in it from the love of its parents.

Robert Axe

It was possible on the basis of to observe the story of the coordinator of the institution that has certain difficulty in the relations Inter-sectorial in what it says respect to the functioning of the CAPS with the too much agencies of city. In accordance with the manual of functioning of the institution published for the health department one of the objectives the one that if considers is to promote the social insertion of the users through Inter-sectorial actions that involve: education, work, sport and leisure, mounting joint strategies of confrontation of the problems. A priori this agency would have to be conducted in agreement with what it was established by the legislation when would be a service of the SUS. However what if it observes it is that in the reality, especially in small city, impediments in the relationships of the people exist who dirigem these agencies, this can be attributed to the profits politicians. For example, it has me the will to receive a patient depending on the relations politics established between the director of the agency and the elect power in the form city that will be of opposition if they manipulate the service and this unchains a series of impasses so that the service flows of efficient form. In this direction we can to problematizar that other questions would be implicit in these difficulties. In accordance with Foucault (1979) exists in the instituted relations a relation of being able.

this occurs in all place where if it concentrates to be able. Finally, we want to pontuar that the service of the CAPS is a conquest that was cheated with success in this society. However, other steps need to be given for a bigger effectiveness with respect to its functionality. Therefore, if the enrollment of each layer of the society makes necessary each time more participating in this process. Therefore, this will make with that the competent agencies if imply in the performance to make of this more measurable service something it point of view of the desintitucionalizao reason for which the same it are bred. A time that the society would act as a species of fiscalizadora charging this practical, in view of that we always have somebody that is using of the service as a relative or next to each one of us, for certain that this mechanism moves in them, that is, when we have particular necessity or still soul, we move in them for an action accomplishes.

Therefore, to if perceiving that a mental sick person modifies all the configuration of a family and that the same he is very of times one ‘ ‘ peso’ ‘ for the familiar ones, if the same ones, that is, these familiar ones to take knowledge of the rights of the mental sick person when the government is obliged to promote one better quality of life for the users of the CAPS, will go to pledge themselves with certainty to demand these rights. this process would unchain one ‘ ‘ effect domin’ ‘ we would reach of this skill one better performance in the functioning of the CAPS.