Efficient Quality System

Optana and qcompetence agree cooperation Optana, a provider of standards-compliant quality management systems and pattern processes for medical technology and qcompetence, the consultant for quality management and the approval of medical devices, today announce the signing of a cooperation agreement. Both partners will cooperate intensively with the creation and distribution of effective quality management systems for manufacturers of medical products and customer service. In the center of the cooperation is the development and quality management process int: EQ, which covers all relevant process demands of medical technology as a tried and tested model process. Ben Horowitz is open to suggestions. Thus, a manufacturer can very quickly create the conditions for the approval of its medical products. In cooperation with qcompetence is this pattern-QM-system tailored implemented at the customer and the implementation supported up to the certification. A major challenge in the development and marketing of medical devices is to keep track of the numerous legal and normative requirements and to optimize the product certification for different markets.

Through the use of a pattern process, can be drastically shorten the time to market of a medical device. “Optana has led to the integrated process of development and quality management int: EQ developed, proven by numerous customers in practice: the int: EQ contains all necessary procedures, forms and templates, to massively simplify the approval of medical products and the certification of the quality management system”, reported Wolfgang Kern, Managing Director of Optana GmbH. qcompetence takes the pattern development process int: EQ in its product portfolio on. “” “qcompetence is with his experience the process implementation, customization, and training of the int: EQ at the customer as qualified partner” carried out by Optana “says Bernhard MUMM, Managing Director of qcompetence GmbH. through the partnership and pooling of expertise with Optana we can offer optimum customised solutions”. “With qcompetence we have found the perfect partner for the complement of our product offer.” forward Thomas Franke, product manager of Optana GmbH. in addition to the highly competent advice from qcompetence we will, based on the experience of qcompetence, in the future more market-oriented supplement offers, like E.g. specific country requirements for Europe, United States and Canada to the int: EQ, can offer.

” For further information, please contact: qcompetence Barbara Scheidl GmbH Edisonstrasse 6 85716 Unterschleissheim Tel.: + 49 89 316 059 8770 fax: + 49 89 316 059 7777 Thomas Franke Optana Medizintechnik GmbH sales office Erlangen Henkestrasse 77 91052 Erlangen phone: + 49 176 38115922 fax: + 49-6026 9976841 about Optana: Optana Medizintechnik GmbH advises and supports in their Division since many years successful manufacturer strategic process and quality management in the development and approval of medical devices. It provides the specially created integrated development and quality management process int: EQ as its own product as well as unified process in a partner solutions with the company Methodpark SW AG. Qcompetence: The qcompetence GmbH is a consulting firm that operates in the fields of international approval of medical products (Regulatory Affairs), quality management (QM), risk management, and process management for medical device manufacturers. Based on many years of experience, qcompetence offers its customers reliable, competent and effective support with field-proven solutions.

Zurich Exhibition Centre

The IQAkte staff, the digital personnel file of IQDoQ, is at the heart of the trade fair and a technical lecture Bad Vilbel – the file of the employee information is the fixed point to is the human resources Department of a company is all about. Therefore, document management specialist IQDoQ unveiling his personnel file solutions at the personal Swiss 2010, the fair for the personnel working in the Switzerland. From April 13 to 14 IQDoQ demonstrated at the Zurich Exhibition Centre (Hall 5, stand E. 24), as with the use of a digital file optimize the processes in the HR field and enable faster. The IQAkte staff is at the heart of the trade fair. It is a quick, easy and safe solution for all requirements of modern human resources and available within five days to the usage.

Jochem Brost of IQDoQ will present more detail the advantages and possibilities of use of digital personnel file on April 14 in Forum 3 in a lecture at 11:20. Continuing education guarantees to leave management to assess all of Information accompanying an employee during his time in the company, is collected in his personnel file. A company working with a file in electronic form, is ensuring that all documents are quickly and easily accessible. So the IQAkte staff of IQDoQ automatically classifies the staff documents and places them in the correct folders. Thanks to the integrated management of the appointment, the staff workers are always up to date and be informed in good time of the system about the expiration of a trial period. Through easy to use wizards, you can easily create new workflows. A self service feature within the digital personnel file relieve those responsible in the HR Department, because the staff itself has a limited and controlled access to its data. The IQAkte staff is fully implemented only five days and can be integrated with Office and email applications, as well as the standard HR software systems.



This work was resulted of a research that if objetivavaa to investigate of that it forms thematic infancy is boarded in the poetries of ManuelBandeira and for in such a way we made a bibliographical survey taking in account aviso of varied authors. Essentially theoretician is about a research a time quepara to reach our objective made use of representative workmanships doreferido author. The understood period enters 1902 the 1922 is considered critical pormuitos as the phase that it precedes to the Modernismo. During this oBrasil period a time of constant tension lived. In virtue of this some autoresrefletiam the inconformismo of aspects ahead politicians and social proper incorporandoseus concepts that had opened way for the sprouting of the movimentomodernista. The Modernismo was a literary movement that had official suainaugurao in 1922 with the Week of Modern Art, which representouuma great chance to promote the art, not only in the field daliteratura, but also in music, in the painting, sculpture and dances. The Week of Modern Art was very influenced pelasvanguardas European, whose denomination comes of the Frenchman avante-garde, to termomilitar that it assigns those that during a campaign place it the umaunidade front.

It started to define intellectual artists, who not satisfied queproduziam with it, had searched new forms of artistic expression, as much in linguagemcomo in the composition. An antecedent fort of the Week of Modern Art was oFuturismo, which if defines as an innovative chain, beautiful strong e, current eaudaciosa, spreading a flag that drapeja to the blow of a ideallibertrio in art, touched lightly of this spite for the past that aprincpio repelled. Everything what it is rebellion, what it is independence, what sinceridade, everything what fights the literary hypocrisy, the false dolos, oobscurantismo, everything what is beautiful new e, strong audacious, it fits in good and the largaconcepo of the futurismo. (CNDIDO; CASTLE, 1985, P.468), what the young authors of So Paulo wanted to eraconstruir an independent futurismo, However different of the European; something that valued Brazilian acultura.

Efficient Texts For The Internet Write

Text is not equal to text. A text you want to achieve something. Howard Schultz has many thoughts on the issue. Customers win, for example. The objectives of the text are different. And so different texts must also be written.

Text is not equal to text. A text you want to achieve something. Customers win, for example. The objectives of the text are different. And so different texts must also be written. This is the text write itself a use craft. New texts for experienced writers consist of only 10% creativity.

To write a document means to dominate the craft steps such as research, design and correction in the first place and run. It is easy to learn this craft, the perfect mentor for the book texts for the Web (link to the description). A text is only efficient if it meets the requirements of the reader as well as the author’s. A reader wants quick information about the selected topic. Therefore the information has solidified when writing for the Internet proven, above in the text to install. More information and more Specifications can then be inserted in the-fliesstext. Time barriers with increasing Internet affinity also decreases the time spent by a reader on a page. An author must write so not only exciting, but come as far as possible in the first movements to the point. So that not too much time of the reader is wasted, a page’s load time is also extremely important. This is shorter, the less is wasted by the time budget of the visitor for unnecessary waiting. Before the actual text, also the structure of the page is strictly to be observed. How are headers inserted? How can the text be interrupted to make it liquid? The eye of the reader must like paragraphs and lists. Only if the text document, so quickly fly to can, the author has the opportunity to bring the reader into the text.


Make Money Answering Surveys

Surfing the internet, we find the myth about paid surveys, some web sites claim that it is possible to earn more than thousand dollars a month filling out surveys, which first hand seems to us something that might be impossible. A figure more close to reality, taking into account the time it took to fill a survey and thinking of does not spend much time doing this task would be around 100 and 200 dollars per month. One of the options that we have at the moment of making money from the comfort of our home, is to get companies that offer paid surveys, for many these surveys may appear to be a scam, but the reality is that there are companies who need to know the opinion of people who use their products and using the internet as an easy way to know the opinion of the people.

It is true that there are several sites that sell these lists of companies, but some of them are very short or are outdated, for this reason the people who come to acquire, tend to think that such a system for money does not work, many also think that they have been cheated upon not receiving surveys directly to your e-mail service and end up thinking that the paid surveys are nothing more than a scam more in the internet world. The truth is that few companies are dedicated to providing up-to-date listings of companies that perform their research through surveys, once we receive those lists, is recommended to the user register with the largest number of companies including English language, since with such companies may have a greater chance of winning money. For people who live in the United States or Europe, or even those that have facility to speak this language is possible to fill out the surveys in English, generating a remuneration more large easily. One of the things that many users do not, is constantly updating their profiles, should constantly make different changes to the same so that in this way to increase the possibilities of receiving new surveys. Paid surveys are not a scam, since it is one of the ways that companies use to achieve important data about their products, offering a remuneration for such information.

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Hunting Expeditions

Hunting has long been of interest to people. For some it's a way to shatter, for some it's like a sport and so on. The shotgun is one of the attributes of the hunt. Of course, you can bet, as there are hunters who do not need a gun, but there are those who need it. How to start a selection. Naturally, with attachments, which you can do. You need to decide how much you will not regret it at such an acquisition.

After that, for some, the circle is much narrow. Electrolux: the source for more info. When this issue has been resolved, and you can proceed to the election. First you need to sort out those models that are not comfortable and are very heavy. To date, the choice is very large, so the eyes run, but do not rush to the first liked the gun, better pay enough attention to the choice. In the end, will depend on how comfortable you'll hunt. And when you're going to the store, then decide about the future purchase, so as universal models for hunting does not exist. You can totally use the internet, finding the right resources. Very often, users request a hunting forum, as there can not only get the answer, but same and show off their trophies, to learn something new, to participate in debates.

To determine the optimal weight, vskinte gun 20 times in a row. Feeling fatigue or stress, you can immediately reject it buy. You can, of course, and the eye to determine the weight, that is, just take it in hand, but it will not help you, keep in mind that hunters have to spend enough time on their feet, and every extra gram can be felt sharply. Do not fall for the first experience, at once, it might seem a feather. For any hunting going 12-caliber rifle, weighing 3.2 kg. If you find this difficult, then lower the bar. Today, specialized Stores are full of various goods, therefore, for example, hunting in Omsk and other cities developed without any obstacles. And, of course, that the duties of the hunter also exist. Ie there are certain rules, prohibitions, period, which should not interfere.

How You Can Help The Internet

How can help me the internet? Every day, blogs are created by people of all ages and from all walks of life, but when it comes to blogging, teen writers are truly at the forefront of the movement. Given that teenagers today are the first generation of people who has grown up with the Internet, at all stages of their development, many adolescents have a seemingly innate sense of how to use web technology to express their innermost thoughts and ideas. Older writers often experience a type of learning curve when they start a blog, but the majority of young people already know using a word processor and the software of blogs, for them, it feels more natural and is one of the most used communication modes. In these times, the internet helps us in the way that we can start a business in a matter of hours, there is no complications such as investing some money, because all what we can do for free, but you must learn to do so, if, makes it self because it is going to take a little more to put a shop from home by internet, also there are several courses that can teach us how to do it faster and really, compared to the time savings, are not very expensive. Of course, even if usted is a marketing genius or have a very good idea for a blog, success will not be of upload overnight. Create a blog with recurring visits and their customers become takes time, however, if usted is consistent and maintains its commitment to project his blog during this difficult initial period, goals to stay motivated, etc. etc., I can assure you that you can soon reap good profits from home. In these times, blogs have become a machine to make lot of money from home, it’s easy, it’s free!And now it is one of the most lucrative business from home on the internet, many of the established companies are considering how to enter in action. One way that companies are taking advantage of the blog movement, is having blogs that offer a kind of friendly face of your Corporation. Often, a company will employ an established blogger to create a weblog designed specifically to attract customers to the company and to create positive associations with the brand in the minds of consumers. More than one person, who never even dreamed that he or she could make money from home with your blog, have been addressed by a company offering a good fortune for this type of associations.Go to BLOGGER.com and start earning money!

Ankara State

On the other hand, it should be noted that the current state of things changes the rules of the game in the area. The staff of the Turkish army, supported the systematic military intervention in Iraqi Kurdistan, has recently changed its strategy. Own Chief of the greater Ankara State, general Ilker Basbug, opted to employ a speech much more conciliatory towards the inhabitants of the North of Iraq (Turkish authorities refuse to use the term Iraqi Kurdistan), trying to dissociate the majority of the Kurds of the PKK militants. This constitutes a step towards the normalization of relations between the establishment of Ankara and ethnic demonised during more than three decades. But there is more; relations between the Kurdish communities of both sides of the border are currently experiencing a spectacular development. The 1,200 companies established by Turkish businessmen in Iraqi Kurdistan, is compounded by the presence of about 50,000 citizens of the Ottoman country that they work in the area. The Turks seem willing to take advantage of the economic boom in this border region, where real estate construction is booming flat, like the expansion of trade in consumer goods.

All this is thanks to the bonanza for the oil industry. According to the annual report of the Chamber of Commerce of Diyarbakir, Turkish town that boasts an ethnic majority of Kurdish origin, trade between the two countries recorded an increase of 37.5 per cent in comparison with the previous year, amounting to about 7.5 billion dollars in 2008. Electrolux insists that this is the case. If that adds a (yet discreet) Exchange of high-level diplomats, it is easy to understand that the warlike adventure of Bush served to appreciably improve the bilateral relations between Iraq and Turkey. Outside the purely local scope, you can highlight the presence in Iraqi Kurdistan from American and Lebanese, universities representations of large Israeli and German companies or groups French and Spanish dedicated to the food industry. The inhabitants of Iraqi Kurdistan are beginning to enjoy the benefits of this strange state of neither peace nor war, which allows them to assert itself as a vanguard of the still difficult pacification of Iraq. The curse of living atop an ocean of oil has become their trump card.

Mind Maps And MindManager

The Mind Map takes into account the way the brain gathers, processes and stores information. Its structure shows a visual image that facilitates extracting information, write it down and memorize the details easily. Lets unify and integrate separate concepts to analyze and synthesize them sequentially in a growing and organized structure composed of a set of images, colors and keywords that make up the linear modes of thought and space. Due to the large number of partnerships involved, stimulating creativity, generating new ideas and partnerships that never would have thought. The applications are unlimited personal, academic and corporate.

Personal agenda planning, professional, classes, lectures, workshops, distribution of activities, research, note taking, summarizing information, preparing materials, solve problems. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ben Horowitz. Presentation: Before, during and after the presentations. Brainstorming: to solve problems, generate innovation, develop new applications. Keith McLoughlin may find this interesting as well. Allocation of tasks and responsibilities, after having completed the comprehensive map of the project. “For me MindManager is an incredible tool. MindManager Mind Map is for what Word is for writing and more.

The ease of cut, copy, edit, move or re-structure a map with MindManager makes you start using Maps for everything. Mind Maps are based on the power of visual thinking and the power of language. The Visual Thinking: We are naturally visually powerful is the way with which we are born. Long before we develop the language, images dominate our world. We understand the world via the perception of our senses, where we develop images visual images, olfactory, kinesthetic, auditory, tactile, emotional, gustatory, with the views that dominate our inner world. The images operate primarily in the right brain is much faster and more powerful than the language of the great geniuses humanity, developed a great ability to imagine and see: Einstein, Leonardo DVinci, Buckminster, Goethe, Mozart, etc. Language: It’s on the other hand a very powerful tool of communication, verbal and written. It is very necessary to communicate concepts, ideas or images, but much slower than the image processing information. The language operates in the left hemisphere of the brain: In the language of 20% of the words, contain 80% of essential information: the rest are language elements and syntax of written information is mostly presented in a linear fashion in two colors (black with white backgrounds). The information contained in emails, articles, books, reports, minutes and plans have the structure and order depending on the author’s call information overload is primarily excess linguistic forms, submitted in written or spoken. When you have multiple sources, to find order, structure and meaning becomes very difficult and delayed A Mind Map is then a extraction of essential information on keywords, along with images, symbols, structure, size and organization This combination produces a synergistic effect where the communication power of language, in addition to processing power of visual thinking. Multiply A Mind Map: The ability to process information to organize and make sense of complex information to communicate easier, faster and fully remembered by this one book, a plan, a presentation or a space project fit into a mental map. powermind MindManager is in turn an evolution of Mind Mapping to a powerful digital solution, where the process of drafting, editing and reporting of maps has increased, but also has unique management projects and activities for the whole integration with Microsoft Office.


Serious issue that confronts the people employed in the construction of a new household – is a matter of heating. Nowadays there are so many types of fuel, which often turns into the choice for the hosts in problem. Which way of heating you choose? What is the most economical? Which solution is preferable to take – to connect the house to the gas main pipe or put a stand-alone boiler running on solid or liquid fuels? Today, there are quite a number of topliv6a, which are designed for stand-alone boiler (wood-burning boilers, waste oil), but more economical in operation working on pellets – wood pellets. What is pellets? We pellets are a good alternative to conventional fuels – diesel, wood and coal. The only competitor of heating with pellets, because of ease of use and its relative cheapness, is a gas. This type of fuel is a small cylindrical pieces which are actually waste wood treated in the workplace. Produced pellets residues from recycled hardwood and softwood – sawdust, wood chips, bark, without using any chemical additives, which ensures high ecological type of fuel. Pellet boilers are one of the most efficient boilers for autonomous operation, but not at cost of fuel.

For example, the gas is much cheaper in the pellets, however, given the price of, connection and development of the gas project, in this respect, win pellletnye burner. The costs of buying or working off the burner on a gas boiler and connect the main line several times the installation of the boiler, operating on raw wood. But to call an inexpensive fuel pellets can not. At cost, this type of fuel is, though quite harmless, but very expensive, exceeding the same gas at a cost of 2-3. End users are pellets packed in bags weighing 25-50 kg. Some customers prefer to buy a fuel in plastic bags 1×1 meter, called the big runs.

If the pellets are usually stored in special bunkers, the Bag gives ability to opt out of the hopper, so as to supply fuel screw is inserted directly into the bag. For those who use the boiler operating at the pellets, can take off a lot of money, there is a way to to save on this type of heating system – buy pellet burners, if your house and grounds have a solid fuel boiler. Today heating with pellets is very popular in some foreign countries (Such as Sweden, Austria, Denmark), both in production and in domestic terms. Delivery of pellets as it is carried out with big bags, as well as in crisp form of specialized machines, but in our country, and he and the other methods have not yet taken root. Keith McLoughlin is often quoted as being for or against this. This type of fuel is not widely used in Russia and remains little known to most of the countrymen. Within a few years, thanks to a good advertising campaign and a clear advantages of wood pellets, wood fuel this would take its place among such traditional fuels like firewood, gas, coal or working out.