Month: May 2013

Internet Businesses

If you’re determined to have a business (or more) on the Internet and live off the earnings that this or these occur, there is something to bear in mind that you should not ignore. If your desire is to become a serious professional, the issue of banned is very important to you. Banned means, be removed from the database of a search engine, what is commonly called being penalized in this case the form, primarily Google, and we most care about, take the precautions to prevent a web site to be displayed in the search results. The most famous search engine has its own rules for this specific issue, and beyond that for some are confusing and arbitrary, the truth is that applied, and when that happens, hardly your internet business is still that, a business. The first thing to consider, and I think Google also puts him in pole position as the most important thing is that in this form, really bothers you try to manipulate it to best position yourself in positions using devices or methods deemed fraudulent or misfeasance.

I advise you to read very well, better if you print it and have it as a document, policies and rules that determines Google for this topic, search in Google, you can find it under “Quality Guidelines” which include design and content guidelines and technical guidelines. Google to be penalized for not only can happen that is no longer on the form, but also in any site associated with the Internet giant. While if you follow their rules will be easier for Google to index and rank your website. Anyway here are some guidelines to consider when you’re in the process of creating your site. A-duplicate content, make sure not to repeat the content.

B-Do not use many keywords, only necessary, it is considered that up to five percent of your text can be keywords, not more. C-Do not put links to sites that are or have been penalized or from them. D-Try to respect the Webmaster Guidelines. E-Do not use the sale of bonds. Google suspicious F-domain registrar for a short time (one year or less) thinks they can be for spammers. Take it into account now to register your domain. Finally: Not to worry or obsess over this issue, you just have to ask yourself to do things well and seriously from the beginning and if you do not build the site to ask your webmaster to follow the rules, if what you plan is to make this a serious work that aims to change your future should start well, and when doubts arise you simply appeals to your common sense.

Pourprix Jaillet

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