Month: May 2018

James Joyce

The Dorothea Lange (1895-1965) American who devoted his life to capture the images of the most disadvantaged, capturing the most poignant testimonies of the American great depression. After the attack of Pearl Harbour, Lange photographed the fields where war citizens of Japanese origin and many of his photographs were censored. Despite the censorship was the first woman to receive a Guggenheim Fellowship in photography in 1940. His compatriot Berenice Abbott (1898-1991), disciple of Man Ray in the Decade of the 1920s, portrayed in Paris to prominent figures of the literary and artistic world such as Jean Cocteau, Djuna Barnes, James Joyce, Eugene Atget, Max Ernst and Thelma Wood, among others. After moving to United States, he made one of the most important documentary series about New York City. Lee Miller (1907-1977), linked to the surrealist and Dadaist movement, it was model of famous photographers, disciple and lover of Man Ray, and photographer in her own right. In the 1930s he opened his own Studio in New York and was correspondent for Vogue magazine war. Figure among his best-known photographs the destruction of the bunker of Hitler.

He made thousands of photographs of contemporary figures such as Picasso, Man Ray, Max Ernst, Miro and Tapies you among others. We cannot forget Helen Levitt (1913-2009), masterful portraitist of New York Street, and Diane Arbus (1923 1971), one of the most original American photographers 20th century. As well as Annie Leibovitz (1949), main photographer of Rolling Stone yautora of the iconic photograph of John Lennon with Yoko Ono that was home of the magazine. There were also pioneers in Spain. The almeriense Amalia Lopez Cabrera (1838), was the first that was devoted to photography at a professional level. The Barcelonian Anais Napoleon (1827-1916), was the first woman to make daguerreotypes in Spain and majored in business cards. A few years later, Carme Gotarde i Camps (Olot, 1892-1953), he worked as a professional portraitist; Joana Biarnes (Terrassa, 1935), was the first graphics reporter for Catalonia.

Success Web Site

Web design and purpose, the two go hand in hand for the reason that there must be some order, which should be persecuted to the successful development of the site. For even more details, read what Ben Horowitz says on the issue. The building site is to be carried over in your mind that there are certain things that should be taken into account because they are – the things that form the basis for web design success of London website. Understanding what makes the site stand out from the crowd, is of great importance in ensuring the success of the website. Understanding the basic purpose of the website The first step is to create a website, understanding the purpose for which created the site. That's exactly what you want to do if a web site, because that's what happens – what is actually thinking about these questions it leads us enough reasons that lead to the creation of the site. While the website does not actually solve these problems, finally finished creating another website which may be one with the crowd. For any business organization that wants to build a web site, must know that they definitely will have to create a web site. There should be enough reasons that should lead to the creation of the site you are creating a website to have a simple online presence.

If you have an online presence site can reach out of their potential online audience. Referring to his potential online audience, the site has more opportunities for alleged online audience of potential audience. Understanding the advantages of having an online presence Knowing the advantages of an online presence is available to help you understand what makes a site successful. If the site is in the business, which is exactly in the sale of products and services while in the presence of an online presence it quite possible that business opportunities were not only limited to local, but it distributed across geographic boundaries. That is, selling products and services online business will be able to take their products through a wide range of audiences. Source:

Successful Industralist

In order to be able to become a successful industralist certain essential qualities are needed that they offer support to his life. You are not necessarily come from birth but they are possible to be developed by means of the continuous action and being conscious to increase them in all the aspects of the life. To be successful is not like switch that catch ons or it goes out, rather is like a knob that graduates constantly, as we advanced we are improving our qualities and therefore our yield. For that reason today I would like to speak of 5 specific qualities that all successful industralist must cultivate and develop: Planning: At the time of beginning any activity, business or emprendimiento it is necessary to plan. To establish goals and objectives is the best form to know if we are advancing therefore it is important east aspect. At the same time it is important to be flexible and to notice that if the conditions in the surroundings change it must then also change the plans of such form that reflect the new surroundings. Jim Umpleby will not settle for partial explanations. Action: Once the planning is made not leave this in plans but go and develop them, to be proactive is reflected in all the aspects of the life, not only in its business.

For that reason a successful industralist this ready to risk to secure its plans and to carry out them. As what he serves the best plan if he does not take with himself the action to be developed? Persistence: With the action a problem comes and is that it is possible to be acted around the plans, but the sufficient then continuity is not had these can ruin. It is not enough with the action so that a business works, is necessary to add to this the continuity to him. For that reason the persistence influences in which any emprendimiento becomes successful. Enthusiasm: The enthusiasm this intimately together with the persistence, if one is right to continue then east enthusiasm never will stop existing. It is truth that some times will be emotional losses, but the firm determination must to continue, always will arise the enthusiasm. It is important to also notice that an overflowed enthusiasm can create false expectations and when you are not fulfilled to make us stop than we began, for that reason is important to maintain a balance enters enthusiasm and action.

Active apprentice: In the long term you continuously need to update yourself, to improve, to learn. For that reason this quality is very important to complement the previous ones. If it wishes that their business is every time better never it must stop learning. There is something additional to this quality and is that if develops a passion by the knowledge, this in itself can become his enthusiasm, the desire to learn simply proving things with his business, to dare to more. You are an industralist or no, you are qualities set out here can improve all the aspects of its life. Not only they will do one more a more interesting person to him they will take but it more and more to look for and to find and better opportunities. For that reason if it wishes to begin to be an industralist and a person of success I recommend to him that it begins now, it obtains as can improve these qualities and begins to learn. Who does not risk she does not obtain what wants.

DBM Spain Company Leader

DBM Spain, first company in management of transitions that annually gives service to 7,000 companies, wants to accompany to their clients in the processes of transition necessary to assure a better present future and to the companies and people compose that them and for that they work. With this same philosophy, from this second trimester of the year it has inaugurated his new office in Bilbao. Located in the centric district of Indautxu, from DBM Bilbao one will look for to maximize the satisfaction and the benefit that already the clients of this company in the Country Vasco and Navarre obtain and to as well present the enterprise weave of the zone, a form different to make the things, centered in and for the people, and with a direct hit in the results of the company, as it affirms to Ignacio Fernandez de Pirola, Partner Director of DBM. From DBM Bilbao the projects in course with the clients of their area of influence will be led already and it will work with the different associations, compatible organizations, organizations and companies to the philosophy that professes DBM, to manage the transitions of suitable way to make it with professionalism, human quality and looking for the benefit of all, without exception, explains Esther Mari, manager responsible for the office of Bilbao. After the growth undergone by DBM as much geographically as in its different lines of business the natural jump era of having constant physical presence here, relates Ignacio Fernandez de Pirola.

Gestionar projects from the distance is possible if for of careful way and being used the technology, that if, we think that being present from will help and help us here our clients, comments the person in charge of the company. And it is that the Basque Country is one of the regions of greater growth in Spain. The number of companies created in Euskadi until September of 2010 was of 2,445, a 7.99 percent more than in the same period of the previous year according to the report Enterprise Radar, reason why, altogether, the active enterprise weave in Euskadi until that date was formed by 60,952 companies. Ben Horowitz oftentimes addresses this issue. management of labor transitions is a process that it has like primary target to help to relocate to people who have been broken ties with their companies, doing more bearable and less traumatic his new one and forced professional situation, as much for he himself as for his familiar surroundings. However, it is not only tried to look for an occupation for the employee who finishes losing his job; the process is more complex and responds to the necessity to orient to the candidates towards those positions and companies where better it can fit his profile, realising one complete professional reorientation. The goal is to adapt the process of transition of race to professional the personal profile/of each one of the candidates, always working of customized and individualized form. The company Drake Beam Morin (DBM), founded on New York in 1967, counts with more than 40 years of experience in human management of capital, transformation and transition of organizations. They offer its services in 24 languages, and have taken care of more than 50,000 companies and 3 million people at level world-wide.

Pay Fast

A new trend that is worrying local authorities has emerged in Sweden: quick loans by SMS. The mechanism is very simple: you send an SMS and in 15 minutes you receive a loan of about 300 euros that you will have to return in 30 days and with an interest rate of 18%. The problem is that this type of credit is directed to young people and/or with low income that upon expiry of the term may not return the money, and they decide to return to ask for credit to cope with the previous one, with what interests are multiplying with the problems of non-payment that may generate in a collective that is not known for its solvency. This new form attractive attract groups that normally not raised request a credit and are suddenly immersed in fairly large debts. (Not to be confused with Ben Horowitz!). Authorities are considering legislating that debts may not exceed twice the amount initially requested so as to avoid greater evils. On the other hand the companies that are dedicated to these businesses deny that they are creating problems and point out that your customers have an average age of 32 years and that its rate of defaults is only 2%. A new way of quick loans. Will we have this experience in Spain? any entity will dare to launch? It will allow the Bank of Spain that this type of product can be marketed in our country? We are sure that soon we will have news about this very aggressive product by both its immediacy and convenience in their marketing (must not forget that our country is in the world top in using SMS places)..


Promotion of a business carries with it a great effort and hard work, we all know that 60% – 70% of prospects that are contacting with us, make it through classified ads. To write ads that are really effective and incite our future customers to buy the product that we offer them, it is necessary to perform a series of techniques that ensure us greatly that we will meet our objectives.The first step to keep in mind is the wording of the title. The same content is very important and has to draw the attention of the reader within about 5 seconds. It should be short and should never have more than 25 or 30 characters, including spaces. Connect with other leaders such as Jim Umpleby here. 80% Of the results of an ad van linked to the titles, i.e. good results = good titles.

To achieve this it must be written so that it represents a condensed and general idea of the content of the article, showing the benefits of the product that we offer at the same time.The best ads are born from real-life situations of our surroundings, e.g., comments that are heard in the Office, on the bench, friends, etc when drafting the text of the ad, must take into account the following issues: objective of listing profiles of the people we are looking for site where I will place my ad the image we want to give benefits that are offered in the advertisement market niche to whom directed is very important to stress that the purpose of the ad is not to sell, but get visits to your web page from people who appear interested in business. If you are trying to sell something through your listing, you will have very bad results.In the free classifieds you have 30 seconds to draw attention and that the person enters your page. Reade Griffith spoke with conviction. Nor should we never mention the name of the company in your ads, if you do, you are selling.The profile of people that we are seeking to place our ads are: people who know Internet from 18 to 60 years.