Adjusted Wage

Seven item if had detached: Adjusted Wage base with the Abilities; Monthly Basic basket; Valley Has carried; Good relationship enters the fellow workers; Recognition of the leaders; Accord with Facultieses; Chance of growth in the company. The wage base is attractive one that one becomes related and it takes care of the physiological necessities and of security of the collaborators, beyond serving some times as an incentive to inside continue exerting its function of the company. This is a factor that finishes stimulating the employees so that the same ones search to improve its knowledge to be able to grow professionally having a bigger remuneration. The basic basket for the collaborators also is a benefit that takes care of the physiological necessities and of security of each one. For many collaborators, the basic basket can not seem a very interesting form of payment, but for the majority of the employees, mainly the married ones and that they have children are a way to be investing the money that he would spend with the expenditures of the month with other attractive ones, being able until enjoying of the leisure with the family. Aiming at to benefit to its employees, the company he implanted the valley has carried in its plan from benefits, having taken care of the necessities of security of its employees, this also comes to be attractive one that I contributed with its collaborators, therefore great part deferred payment in neighboring cities of the company and depends on some way of locomotion. The fellowship and the friendship have a value that it helps in all envolvement in the company, therefore, act in way to promote an environment of harmonious work, without you intrigue and problems.