Digital Contents

Tomorrow Tuesday will begin FICOD 2010, the Forum the International of Digital Contents, organized by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, point of contact of more than 15,000 professionals, 120 collaborating companies and 200 rapporteurs of the digital market. During 3 days the professionals related to the world online will analyze and debate on the electronic commerce, the possibilities of Web 2,0 to generate business and its advantage on the part of specialized entrepreneurs and investors in this sector. Round tables, factories and communications will help to understand the present state of the digital industry and the sector us of Internet, as well as to venture us in the immediate prediction of, and the future not so immediate, of a world that has not stopped to grow in the last decades, and that will continue it doing it one more a speed than vertiginous in the next years. The light in an abundance of communications. The professionals of the digital industry will be able to find many keys and conclusions about the present state of the sector.

Perhaps the worse thing of FICOD 2010 is the great existing difficulty in deciding between the immense existing supply of activities to choose, that will allow us to approach us a little more the new technological and enterprise tendencies that we will know in the next years. Luis Sancho, entrepreneur and expert in the sector e-business with companies like (at the moment acquired by,, or its present project shells and recommends the main communications and fundamental round tables for the sector of the electronic commerce and its immediate future. The inauguration will be fundamental to enter matter, carried out by one of the majors gurs of marketing online and the new technologies, Guy Kawasaki, that will try to explain the transformation to us of the relations between marks and consumers through the social networks and Web 2.0.