Sony Vaio

This is a rather small segment, so you can build a point Unique communication with them. A little later, when attention is captured by the first segment, direct communication to the massive task forces, and supported by the opinion of innovators your messages very effectively to achieve the goals. Sometimes entire sectors of outliving its relevance under the influence of competition of substitute products. Traditional print izdaniyanahodyatsya today under serious pressure the Internet. However, some players in this market find vozmonosti maintain and even business competitors in the vacated segment. For example, the appearance of a pocket-sized glossy magazine – a great idea to increase loyalty in the segment of passenger public transport, which is not decreasing.

There are many other unique opportunities for business, the 'falling' markets, and entrepreneurial flair and imagination – the key to this market secrets. As do pioneer of conservative? Basics of the propensity to innovate or are conservative in attitudes. As we know, can not be installed virtually transformed by outside influence, so transform an innovator in the conservative or vice versa can only uncontrollable factors: time, lifestyle, social environment, consumer confidence, the stage of the life cycle and so on. It is theoretically possible to affect only laying installation on new product categories or specific products just entering the market, especially if the degree of novelty of these proposals are relatively high. In fact, the very purpose of the transformation described consumer types is questionable. Each of these segments has its own features in terms of business. Of course, the ease of making innovative and captivating loyalty of conservatives, but combining these properties in one person can not by nature.

Innovator and as such is only because they can easily throw back and rushes to the new. Tory, on the other hand, balances the rate of progress and give the same chances conservative producers. As far as innovation and the relative conservatism? Very often, the lectures have heard remarks like 'I'm very conservative in dress and food, but buy every new model of mountain ski, because I'm a fan of winter sports! So who am I: an innovator or a conservative? " From this model the segmentation made to exclude areas from which the user is connected at the level of the profession, hobby, hobbies, or other special circumstances. Of course, a dedicated artist will not pass by a new brush, but it has nothing to do with psychological features of his personality. In general, the category of 'innovator' and 'conservative' are not relative. As mentioned above, innovation and conservatism, as risk appetite or excessive fearfulness, are due to the properties of nature, rather than the degree of involvement in the subject market. Results previously mentioned research agency Quans Research confirms this hypothesis completely. Instead of a postscript. This article is the first material that is created on a new computer from MacBookAir of Apple, the author purchased a laptop instead of Sony Vaio. Moreover, it is the first in the life of the author of thirty-five article written by the operating system MacOS. Innovation – it's not easy:)