Successful Business, Phone

Successful telephone calls part of a successful business. Where managers are trained to properly and effectively speak on the phone, customers are happy, loyal, and ready to apply again. Circulated the view that on the phone are able to say everything, and it's partly true. But the conversations are different. There is a huge difference between the business phone calls and conversations of two friends yesterday about the film. With friends and colleagues to chat many do not mind and it can do well, but why it is important to learn to conduct business by telephone? Because there are a number of important features. 1.Phone negotiations is strictly targeted action, leading to planned results. 2.Telefon one of the most important means of making money (or losing them).

3.Telefonnye negotiations require brevity and clarity of expression, which is provided with special training, thoughtful discussion of possible scenarios. 4. Need to present their arguments, views as vividly and lucidly. How does it – you can learn in detail the training 'expert of speech influence'. 5. Telephone calls require high skills and voice emotions displayed by voice. These are the only instruments of impact, in addition to the credibility of the content of speech. To learn more about the negotiations as a whole can in the training 'Negotiations undefeated.

" Just phone calls are different from those that occur directly to the man – when it can be seen. 1. During the telephone is no non-verbal contact, no information about facial expressions, gestures, posture, the other person. Up to 70-80% of the information is transmitted non-verbally, that is through the visual channel of perception, so only listen carefully to the voice and influence, using intonation, loudness, timbre, and other parameters, creating and passing the desired emotional state. Manage voice and his speech, to achieve high results can be learned at the training "Erickson's hypnosis." 2.Po phone can not demonstrate what you are saying the only way to gain confirmation of your argument is a set of emotions transmitted by voice. 3.If you call, you can catch a person not in the best mood. He may be upset, sad, depressed feelings, and so forth. The main thing in this case to be able to hear and understand the emotional state of the interlocutor. 4.B telephone conversations easier to deny than to personal ones. In Eventually, the caller can simply initiate a 'disconnection', and instead you will hear his consent telephone dial tone. 5.Vy not seen, during a telephone conversation, your buddy can interfere with, distract outsiders people. Therefore, it is important to 'hear' the state of inattention to respond and be sure that you not only listen but also hear. 6.B telephone communication most misunderstandings, inaccuracies, misunderstandings as a result of the above, misinterpretation of what he heard in the absence of visual observation of the companion. Thus, any talk on the phone to work it – talks which have their own characteristics, their knowledge and skills of successful telephone lead either to attract customers, increase profits, create a favorable image of the company, or a loss of customers, money, reputation.