Russian Products

How much can you earn? Earnings will be respectable and business will pay off in a few months or a year. You need to understand that there is no need to join as many sales, thinking this: the more selling, the more get profit … you will deliver products of the villages lying near, and there a village, not a warehouse of vegetables! Can grow to ten times more vegetables than there (in the countryside) are grown now, just need something a couple of tons of biological additives and other chemicals, but if your shop is not how it is different from the thousands of others, and this is a failure of the business. Therefore it is better less but better. It is better to raise the price of products rather than selling stuffed with food. So same as the version you can supply products from different villages. And remember the motto of your company – The quality of products first.

Although sounds simple, but still:) The second way. One option for healthy food business we have considered, but This business does not end there. The second option I like the idea, as it requires less costly and has little competition, which is very attractive today. The principle is the same as in the first contract is sluchae6 to farms or private persons residing in the village to grow organic vegetables and fruits. But further there is something that we do not open interesnoe6 shop, and open office …, but it was the office. Why the office we will tell you! A everything is artfully … The essence of business is in the exclusive supply of fresh products to individuals, ie the rich Pinocchio:) Our country has a lot of rich people and people with average incomes.

Most of them cares about their health and their loved ones, buy filtered water, all kinds of air cleaners and stuff, forgetting about what they eat. Well, actually I think the idea is clear: open the firm to contract, remove the warehouse, hiring staff, including couriers (and you thought to be products will be delivered directly to your home), give the ads and the like. Summing up, I can say that both types of business can be very popular and profitable, if approached with care. So those who do not know what to do go ahead, a small competition – a business profitable with a relatively low cost. Under item 2, I can say that this is only a few major cities in Russia. On This business is booming west for several years …