Functional Patents

Suppose you have painted a great picture site, formed the functional design of the site, uploaded it to hosting, you have an influx of visitors, and you suddenly discover a competitor the exact same site design and a functional site. What should I do? (Chernyshevsky) Run to complain, to make a claim and file it in court is not in a hurry. Competitors in the first place to clean your copyright, secondly rewrote water on your site enough with the nxn in reality, or Ajax, and instead of red stripes put the blue, all legal grounds to demand recognition of your copyrights, you do not. Elements of Design – a creative approach and prove that this is your site design you will not be able, also with the code. It's one thing if the site code is fully stripped from your website, then print the code is good evidence of your copyright, but in this case is often better to negotiate an amicable, because if you are a web master and your design someone copies, it means that acknowledge your superiority, you worship, want to be like you, and so on, ie web master receives well-deserved award as recognition of his skill, kind of like simply destroy the organization, which saves on patents and trademarks. During the 90-ies there was a decline in the number of patent applications, only in the late 90's began a gradual increase in applications for patents. How to teach a patent or registered trademark. .