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The Counterweight

And as soon as he finds the main problem – will automatically get a solution. Because if you are already a problem is found – then the answer is automatic. The main challenge facing policy makers is to find the problem – why the company does not develop, or why the company's business began to go bad. Let's consider How does the counterweight. That is, there is a bad situation, the negative – which is not good enough. This line is falling down (on the graph). This situation is a definite trend, the weight and to change the trend need to make some kind of force.

So, once an entrepreneur has found out that he needed to do – it says so employees, and if it is a big company, or there are people responsible for the large amount of work done meeting and on it as a leader must be accurate and could not be clearer, effectively lay out the essence of this situation? why? Answer the main question is why? Where was the mistake. For even more details, read what JPMorgan Chase & Co. says on the issue. When people understand the reason – they can with it something do when the same are indications that are not reasoned, then people do not understand the situation. Of course, in some situations, a manager can submit or use any other control lever. When people present at the meeting understood the essence of the problem – the head invites them to express or suggest solutions. Although he already knows the decision and it is now obvious.

Functional Patents

Suppose you have painted a great picture site, formed the functional design of the site, uploaded it to hosting, you have an influx of visitors, and you suddenly discover a competitor the exact same site design and a functional site. What should I do? (Chernyshevsky) Run to complain, to make a claim and file it in court is not in a hurry. Competitors in the first place to clean your copyright, secondly rewrote water on your site enough with the nxn in reality, or Ajax, and instead of red stripes put the blue, all legal grounds to demand recognition of your copyrights, you do not. Elements of Design – a creative approach and prove that this is your site design you will not be able, also with the code. It's one thing if the site code is fully stripped from your website, then print the code is good evidence of your copyright, but in this case is often better to negotiate an amicable, because if you are a web master and your design someone copies, it means that acknowledge your superiority, you worship, want to be like you, and so on, ie web master receives well-deserved award as recognition of his skill, kind of like simply destroy the organization, which saves on patents and trademarks. During the 90-ies there was a decline in the number of patent applications, only in the late 90's began a gradual increase in applications for patents. How to teach a patent or registered trademark. .

Location Pipeline

Pipelines main types are laid under the ground, laying on the ground inside the mound is only permitted in exceptional circumstances, which must be good reasons for this should be carried out activities that will ensure safe and reliable use of the pipeline. As a rule, parallel pipelines are constructed flowlines. Pipeline system, parallel laid on one track, called "technical corridor pipelines" In some cases, the feasibility study and provided the stability of pipelines may be strip of several pipelines in one technical corridor. The main oil pipeline is needed to pump oil from storage areas and production of oil to refineries, oil base, loading points, In other words, to consumers. Pipelines vary in technical indicators, as it is: the number of intermediate and head pumping stations, the working pressure in the pipeline, the length of the pipe with all transitions, etc. Legislative separation between these pipelines do not. During the construction of pipelines used gosts and snips. In general, pipelines, built as fishing, over time, reconstructed: replaced plugs, flanges, fittings, to eliminate the defects, and after such pipelines fall under the pipelines for all its technical parameters..

Financial Report

Knowledge is a very powerful thing. But the knowledge of special, not ordinary knowledge of some well-known things. And the knowledge which lies a little deeper. How much deeper it depends on your personal power. The degree of attention, if you want. You'll be interesting to see how things happen in this world. You'll see it in the following example, but will be able to draw an analogy and apply this example to any other situation.

For example, where it is convenient to see the whole principle of the suit is as follows: At a certain firm N, director, or owner – looks Financial Report for the past few months. And notice that the graph of turnover and hence – return the firm started to decline. More precisely, he started to decline several months ago, but the owner was busy with other chores, and could not deal with this problem. What reaction would he? Naturally, it will to sit, meditate, watch the other reports, look what the main problem. If he spends some time, make efforts needed to break the deadlock, how you think, would solve this Problem? Sure! Yes! Will find it a problem? Naturally! If a firm has a future value, then he would spend so much time and effort – as is necessary, if it had to take several days or even weeks. It can do not leave the office. And ordering pizza and dinners on the phone, but be sure to find the cause. He will do what it can to find her.