Lorencia Lord

In fact, he and mage and warrior at the same time! But for such an incredible advantage to pay the price – Gladiator can not wear a helmet. Without hesitation Howard Schultz explained all about the problem. And that means armor and gives a smaller percentage of the defense. But this drawback is offset by the destructive power of the attacking this character, which makes it a unique character in mu Online. Dark Lord (Dark Lord) commanded the animals – a raven and a horse. These magical creatures have a strong support to Lord all the battles. And they gain experience and grow together with its owner. The World Wide MuOnline World Continent of mu are a lot of cards with a unique landscape. Here, the green expanse of meadows, populated by enormous insects, and the snowy forests to the northern predator, and deserts with sand giants and dungeon with skeletons, and the underwater world of mermaids.

And when your character's outfit will wings, it will be possible to climb to the clouds of heaven in the city! But first, you find yourself in a small town or village, depending on what type of character you have chosen. Warriors and Wizards begin in Lorencia, and elf in a village called Noria. Here you can buy weapons, clothes and .Za outside the village waiting for you a variety of monsters: from the cute little insects to blood-thirsty monsters. Monsters outside of town – it's good, but that's out of the city difficult. Go wrong exit, get into clutches of a particularly powerful monsters and all – resurrected in the city.