ERIX Solar

Trend towards renewable energies the dramatic events in Japan have voted people contemplative and could lead to a rethink in policy and economy. Many want now more than ever to turn away from nuclear power and non-regenerative resources such as petroleum and coal, as well as the promotion of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric power. The Exchange Portal reported about the possible impact on the stock market. Currently demand for investments in the field of renewable energies should be noted. Societe Generale has participation certificates on various indices from this sector in the offering. These are suitable for investors who want to invest with a certificate of broad.

To choose total is available for example the participation certificate at the solar energy return index. The SOLEX includes the ten largest companies who generate their revenues mainly in the field of solar energy. Furthermore, the Societe Generale offers products on the VACHSS, the BIOX and the ERIX on. With the certificate of participation on the European renewable energy total return index (ERIX) put investors on the most important European companies in the field of renewable energies. Given the potential energy turn, positive developments on the stock market for the companies concerned are not unlikely.

According to the Federal Association for renewable energy, the nuclear phase-out in Germany could be compensated until 2020 completely through renewable energy. The German solar industry association assumes that the share of solar energy could increase during this period from currently two to over 11 percent. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann


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