The cadastre is manual or computerized inventory of land and buildings of a State, so it is clear that there are different types or classes of those mentioned. Such a classification is that classifies cadastres in registry and extrarregistrales. The second is that classifies cadastres in public and private. The third is that classifies cadastres in subencionados and those who work with their own resources. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sergey Brin and gain more knowledge.. The fourth is that classifies cadastres in centralized and decentralized. Besides there are other classifications of the studied topic that do not correspond to cite in this headquarters to effect does not elaborate on unnecessary explanations, that make this work has great extension. The present i.e.

the sumun of classification or classifications of cadastre. The cadastre is regulated in Peruvian law several years ago, today exist a law on cadastre and its regulations. There is also regulation on this subject in Germany, Argentina, Spain, among others. In the first case the cadastral registry is fairly developed. In the other two cases do not reach much development, and in any case we must leave evidence that Spanish law there is a standard recent on the subject studied. Some cadastral run in charge of the registration areas and others in charge of municipalities, however, in some cases there are others that are in charge of entities administrative, such as for example national cadastre addresses.