President Zapatero

Plenary session held April 28, 2010, the PSOE, Jesus Guerrero, spokesman asked in PP Government equipment, that governs with absolute majority, why will spend 154,000 euros in a taurine sculpture rather than invest more in city councils. Vice President, absolutely intolerable in a political representative responded: ‘Go to his friend Zapatero and tell him that instead of giving so many grants to lesbian and other groups, not Spain, even African, give it is councils, which is more priority’. The President of the provincial Council of Palencia, arranged Enrique Martin, in an attempt to defend the indefensible, ensuring that Navas Fernandez criticized what is giving money to an Association of gays and lesbians in Africa when there are more pressing needs in the Spanish municipalities. We know that Spain is the champion in collaboration and cooperation in the whole world, but there are municipalities that have not received even half of money given to partnerships of gays and lesbians in Africa’. It should be noted that Enrique Martin charged 97.339 per year, above even of President Zapatero, being one of the highest paid politicians in the country.