Mediterranean Sea

Nobody can deny that daily life, especially in Europe, has become a battle field. Businesses fall, customers are scarce, and those who remain to think twice before you spend every euro. But not for that reason we will forget the personal and leisure time. Now more than ever, it is essential to devote even some days of the year to relax, to recharge the batteries and face the rest of the year with renewed enthusiasm. The money abounds, and the budget that we allocate to these mini-vacation will be more than correct. But this should not be a drawback.

It is possible to find a range of economic travel that conforms to our reality, and thereby take advantage until the last day off of which you have. A close option, and more interesting for its diversity of options are the Balearic Islands. Few kilometers from the Spanish coast, about the incredible Mediterranean Sea, lies this paradise almost exclusively dedicated to delight both of national and international tourists. Actually the Islands have developed the most complete tourist infrastructure to receive the millions of tourists who year after year are venturing to this fantastic place, to enjoy its beaches, its incredible biodiversity and many historical monuments and sites of interest offered by tens to the visitor. Ibiza is the most representative of the fun city, the festivities without end and electronic music. The island boasts beautiful natural paradores, in very fine sands, and coasts with soft decline, that will seduce lovers of life marine.

An example of the many beaches of this small island of 570 square kilometers is Sa Caleta. The same, which is located in the municipality of San Jose, is a beautiful natural refuge, framed by high cliffs that repaired it from the prevailing winds. Nearby there are a few important Phoenician sites, which will allow us to fund this important people of antiquity, marine and merchants unparalleled know more open to the public. On the island, the nightlife is centered around two large areas: Ibiza town itself, and the region of Sant Antoni de Portmany. The high season in terms of entertainment and night parties ranges from June to October, period during which, the most important DJs in the world are invited to play, summoning thousands of people at each show. Now that you know there are big economic travel deals, there’s no excuse to miss out on all the fun.