For Latin America

On the other hand, the strong dollar is positive in terms of competitiveness for the rest of the economies (except for those who maintain their currencies tied to the U.S. currency or are directly held dolarizadas). It remains to be seen how much of this increased competitiveness can be seen translated into improvements in trade balances, because EE.UU. It will seek to limit the huge deficit that has the same. For Latin America, the presidential election has not been one minor issue, as we Nations in a July article Obama or McCain: who do you recommend to Latin America? Is that with U.S. Official site: Jim Umpleby. President Obama.UU., come changes to the region. Obama has openly expressed as an opponent of the Treaty of free trade (agreement FTA) with Colombia, which is pending legislative approval along with Panama and South Korea. But not only that, Obama has also expressed his intention to conduct a review of the FTA with Mexico (existing since almost 15 years), to ensure protection of American workers and the environment.

The theme of the limitation of free trade agreements with Latin America can play against to result in an increase in immigration. Precisely on the immigration issue, the new President is in favour of more flexible the legalization of immigrants who are in the country and those who struggle to enter (promotes a comprehensive migration reform). This, combined with the restriction of FTAs could bring various problems in the future. The positive for the region is that Democrat shows are more open to dialogue with Latin American countries. He even considers deleting some constraints that weigh on Cuba as remittances. Chavez already has shown himself willing to dialogue with Obama and Evo Morales is probably also what.

What can happen with the population after the triumph of Obama? A change in the mood of Americans might expect given that the triumph of Obama generates greater confidence in the chances of economic recovery. After all, they felt that Obama was the more qualified candidate to bring the country out of the crisis currently facing. If families and American businesses appear more optimistic by the change of Government that is coming, this may betray you in higher consumption and investment, which will help accelerate economic recovery. EE.UU. It has a new President. The expectations are many and expected that to the Bush era end times of mismanagement of the economy and financial markets.