Efficient Meetings

Meetings more efficiently and thus better not reach set goals who knows it. It’s meeting time again. Bread, coffee and pastries are ordered, only the real issue is not yet known. What is she going to, what should the participants prepare for, what’s up. These are questions that confront many participants of a meeting in advance. At the latest from the second meeting, whose basic service is available, the content of which is set but again only at the moment of the action, the results will down continue to fall. How to make meetings more efficient and better achieve the goals thus set? Here are 6 tips to the approach: 1.

place you are goals and make it one or several meeting themes 2. Enter search tasks to the topics on one or more meeting attendees from. 3. Between presentations and open discussion the meeting leader should set clear temporal boundaries – “Stop” dare to say 4. The meeting leader makes sure, that each participant is also Word the dominance of individual participant has already some Discussion also choked silent participants have interesting thoughts and opinions 5. The meeting leader ensures that the “red thread” is kept 6. At the end of a summary of the meeting should be considered, which reflects the results of the event and clearly identifies the tasks arising from it for each participant you adheres to these tips, no one needs to be more afraid of a meeting and also the risk of boredom is banned. The involvement of all participants, exorbitantly increases the information content of such an event. Note where only one speaks, change the things only from the point of view. Photo credits: meeting room in Vienna