The chair called the head so not because of what is intended for executives, but because it is more functional, comfortable and much more convenient conventional office chair. Of course, the cost of an order of magnitude higher than typical office chairs … Statistics show that the Russians have started much more closely related to the choice of seats, emphasizing their respectability. Likely to affect Western influence. There ordinary chairs employees are more expensive than the chair of our Russian leaders. Practical Westerners believe that the millions of working hours lost due to illness of employees (back pain, headaches, and as a result neurological disorders, excessive fatigue, etc.) and lose billions of dollars in profits, it is better to spend more money and fully staffed office furniture jobs of high quality.

In addition, it is cheaper than each month to spend money on repairs or replacement of broken chairs and other low-cost furniture. Chair head – it’s not just a place for comfortable seating, a symbol of success in business. Chair of the same indispensable feature of businessman, as well as the latest model BMW, Parker pen and expensive Swiss watches. In short, the head of the chair serves more image-feature. Indeed, a quick glance at the gorgeous leather chair and head immediately comes to understanding – that it presentable … By what criteria is to choose an armchair manager? 1. The quality of finishing materials. Finishing the chair should be of high hygienic characteristics to be clean, should maintain their body temperature.

Ideally, the chair should be made of leather. But it may be another ekomaterial. Upholstery material means should ‘breathe’. 2. The color scheme should be minimal office space. 5. Surely must be a mechanism to adjust the height. Man must effortlessly adjust the required parameters to it. 6. In an ideal head of the chair should have a roll in the head region and rounded edge of the seat in front. The form of the chair should be ergonomic. But in general, perhaps the most important selection criteria – comfort. Agree, if you sit in this chair uncomfortable, it does not matter what it is made of crocodile skin gold inlay on the arms .


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