Walt Disney

I cannot say to you how to evaluate an opportunity, because, in opposition to which much people try, the opportunity cannot be evaluated with a scientific method. It will examine each it resisting it with its own dreams, I put, ideals, and then it will only make its decision. And it remembers, when we made a decision and the things are not as we waited for, is not because we have done badly, but only that we did not count on the experience and the necessary information, but that does not have to discourage to us, because one of the worse arms than can be used against one is right that: the downheart. Everything what we have left east year is to walk towards the future. What will bring this one to us? We do not know it, but in your dreams it can be the answer.

I know that it sounds quite idealistic. I know that you could think that this does not adjust to the reality, but, perhaps the great human accomplishments for all time were made in the bonanza? They rather did not go the answer to the crises that faced in their time, the ones that they gave us what we see today in front of us? Perhaps we have needed more to be considered with the resources that we have and we are exhausting; perhaps we have forgotten to return to dream; perhaps everything what we needed is this shock to return to put the Earth feet and to begin to grow in all the areas of our life. Now, we thought if it better, this year is our year, because we will have the opportunity to demonstrate to us same that we have learned of our history, and that we are arranged to write new chapter, more shining, because the darkest hour at night is before the dawn. Walt Disney said once: In this place we waste too much time watching backwards. It walks towards the future, abriendo new doors and proving new things. I know peculiar because our curiosity always leads by new ways to us. You are ready to do against this new year with the determination of not aferrarte to the past and walking towards the future, although sometimes the way is a little lofty? Original author and source of the article


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