Waiting For Tomorrow

Seated in a chair, in front of my gate, looking at to my redor I see as much thing that until he is funny to describe. In the gate of the neighbor the family leaving to take a walk, joy in the face of the children. In the sidewalk one Sir who finishes to buy bread in the bakery, complimenting another one that probably will go until the bakery. (Source: Andreessen Horowitz). My neighbor going for the church, together with its grandsons and children. My neighbor going to work giving tchau for the children, who pretty this everything. I seated here looking at this routine of sunday, a pretty sun and my thoughts longes, saying for I myself: what I am making here alone, thinking about everything and at the same time thinking about nothing. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sergey Brin. Dreaming waked up, looking at the sun perhaps; or the plants that one day mother planted, waiting the telephone to touch, to hear who know a good notice far saying mother to me improved, are in house; or then mother died comes pra here. The time passes here in this chair and the street continues same, with people going up the slope and others I descend. I seated here, waiting what? Ah already I know here I am seated waiting; tomorrow.. For more information see Alan Hoffmann.