In the near future date Ulyanovsk residents will behave more okuratno – now litter will be disposed of in a strictly brought to these needs, local and export stroymusora will have to order from special companies. Nerves Local not stand fighting a losing battle with nekontrolirovanym fouling communal courtyards and they decided to resort to using interactive technologies. Director of housing and communal complex Ulyanovsk District – Sergei Gigiri, said that the regional center is scheduled install cctv cameras at locations for collection and disposal stroymusora and household waste. "With their help we can in real time monitor what is happening near refusesack, just go to the Internet. This innovation should help us to solve several problems – of them – to show people who specifically can not Donostia trash to dumpster, "- said gospadin Gigiri.

In his view, the system will begin his duties immediately after the settlement of all necessary technical and legal issues. If this innovation will put into practice, then anyone can go to the website of the Ministry and personally see to it who would pollute the town at the moment. Environmentalists claim that the problem is people's attitudes towards tanks for export and domestic stroymusora Waste is really great – for the last few years, the number of landfills around the Ulyanovsk doubled. "The problem is that finding the violators is almost impossible. A catch on very hot difficult. For these purposes, we need surveillance cameras, "- said the chief ecologist of the Ulyanovsk region, Alexander Bragin. He is a shield that must be every day, without exception, to view a recorded material, after which apply high shtafnye sanctions for violators. "Ideally, you want to install these cameras are not only at sites with containers for export stroymusora and household waste, but also in popular destinations of various rivers, where pests with neutannoy frequency trafficked bytoy rubbish "- said in an interview Bragin. The Ministry of Construction of the Ulyanovsk region, who suggested such an unusual idea, point out that cameras are well hidden and installed so that they were unable to reach offenders. The exact cost of the project has remained a secret, but if he earns it can pay for themselves through fines offenders.


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