Using Largeformat Printing

Large-format printing for outdoor use – a simple way to get a bigger image and use them in any weather at any time of year. Durability of prints when printing on the banner and the film reaches three years, with printing on the materials of European and American manufacturers. For short-term use can be used Chinese materials. To date, any customer can take advantage of the widest Spector services ranging from design and ending with printing of circulation and production of exhibition and presentation equipment. Preparing for print advertising materials should be remembered: the pictures printed solvent Ink looks much brighter than offset printing, which is very important when using the streets oversaturated visual images. print will make exhibition stands and information boards, mobile stands and interior posters, exhibition stands and small posters, as well as placement in the vast surfaces.

Mobile exhibition stands will be given the ability to easily convey information to consumers to help attract consumers' attention, which is undoubtedly the ideal way to promote your brand on the market. All large-format printing on printers high resolution (1440 dpi) with an increased color gamut. Mobile stands are ideal for use at the exhibition or as a resource to support presentations, promotional campaigns and conferences. Requirements to files for printing. – Color space – cmyk – Color Profile icc (not to introduce other printing profiles, it is better to leave the Default Adobe CMYK) – you can not use special effects (transparency, lenses, fractal and PS-casting, etc.) – the file formats in order of preference: *. tif – tiff , bitmap file *. eps – fonts in curves, the effects translated into a raster bitmap objects embedded with a palette cmyk. *.

psd – Adobe Photoshop up to version 7. Fonts, and effects in the layers rasterize – maximum allowed file size must not exceed 450 mb – Each file should contain only one image – Image 'to boom' did not do – the file must have the exact dimensions for printing. – If the edges of the file are bright field – make the frame black, thickness of 1 pixel. – Max acceptable resolution file for printing at 1440 dpi – 180 dpi It is also important to bear in mind in any prepress bureau you can order the design, layout, scanning, output photoforms, color proof. In printing – offset printing any printed materials: catalogs, flyers, posters, calendars, annual reports, magazines and books. To print using a wide range of materials: Paper Photo Paper Vinyl self-adhesive film film for light boxes (backlit) a flag silk canvas Printed materials are usually subjected to additional processing: lamination adhesive layer rolling on a rigid foundation frame profile frames Trimming Installation Installation klemshin eyelets Large Format Printing is indispensable for the production of promotional and informational media!