United States Treasury

How much is it listed dollar in Venezuela? A good question that has more than one answer. Is that it depends on whether we are talking about quote the official dollar, that cannot be purchased or if we are talking about quote of the parallel dollar, that Yes you can get but not at the price that promises to the Central Bank of Venezuela on the official quote. You can even purchase to a value something close to such official listing. In recent days, known as dollar swap in Venezuela (which represents the largest reference unofficial market that is generated in the exchange of sovereign bonds of the United States Treasury bonds) was trading at the day of yesterday to 5,30 bolivares in selling tip, once at the end of last week he rondara 6,0 bolivars per dollarthat is, nearly three times the official fixed price which is at 2.15 bolivars to the dollar. The quotation of the parallel dollar in Venezuela soared because the increase of devaluatorias expectations that exist in the country. Expectations about a possible devaluation of the bolivar fuerte are elevated while the Government has said that it will keep existing since 2005 parity in 2009. In the darkness of the market, an operator consulted by the Reuters Agency, said in this regard: the prospects for the country changed radically in less than a month. The devaluation risks have increased as crude oil has fallen.

This statement of this anonymous operator, was sincerely me quite reasonable considering that the situation in Venezuela. It is impossible to move the international price of oil, something has to Chavez to avoid that their incomes fall by the sale of its black gold. And a good alternative to increase their income, although not in dollars, but at least in bolivares fuertes (strong), it is through the devaluation of its currency.