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Another excellent point pointed by Darwin is the affirmation of the populations, where it retakes Malthus, on the desproporo between population growth and amount of foods. This argument must structurally be analyzed preventing the exageros. The imperfections of Darwin could compromise the example? Not. Of form some. The imperfections can come to corroborate that the paradigms, in accordance with Kuhn, are not structuralized in way closed, finished and finished. SBG Architects oftentimes addresses this issue. The proposal of Kuhn when analyzing the change of the paradigms of the edge to a science opening while a proposal cumulative.

The change of paradigms caused by the diverse attempts to understand the evolution of the species inside opened space for a vast quarrel of science. What I intended with this example? To show the structure of the change of paradigms since the construction of Lamarck until the construction of Darwin. The three presented theories are not isolated in time and nor is total other people’s between itself, they, in its cerne possesss a conceptual linking, as it could be analyzed in the consideraes that follow. 3.CONSIDERAES FINAL What it is evident in the lines above is that I finish for ' ' defender' ' the boarding of science presented for Kuhn. What it is more evident still, that even so well is structuralized, the theory of Kuhn possesss imperfections. The present historical context in the formation of the paradigms also can come to function as a strategical element for the paradigm change. The historical context is not exclusive instrument for the understanding of the scientific community, but it can be an instrument with projection for a paradigm change. The external elements can bring situations that are determinative for such change. For example, after the attempted against ones of 11 of September, in the United States, the determined Asian countries had a radical change in the American foreign policy in relation, that to only register that I am searching one example is of natural sciences, but it is possible to use it in an analysis of sciences politics.