United States

According to it, it is necessary presidential authorization it abates so that it in fact occurs. With a chain of Command Inefficient and obsolete control as ours, the time that would lead to get such authorization would be enough so that the invading aircraft completed its mission. Presidential authorizations are only required, in the case of countries as United States, Russia or France, in the eventuality of the launching of an attack with nuclear weapons, what it shows the inefficacy of the planning of national aerial defense, since they are disproportionately important actions. Hear from experts in the field like XOM for a more varied view. It is of basic importance the adoption of one politics of dissuasria defense capable to discourage actions that porventura are adopted by how much in such a way global regional powers. For in such a way, it is interesting if to be valid the beginning of the Theory of the Proportional Dissuasion, elaborated for French general Pierre Galois in years 60. Although the development of the cited theory to be entailed to the nuclear weapons, in part if can adopt it regarding to the field of the conventional weapons, if thus the politics of the country to demand. According to cited theory, if a country it will be capable to cause so great damage to an enemy who the deriving conquests of an eventual belligerent action are not compensatory, such action can be prevented.

Certainly that the advantages, especially economic, happened of the domain of the Amaznia are enormous. However, it is necessary not alone to possess as well as to demonstrate to possess such capacity of defense that is capable to resist? until counterattacking? the so great blow that the weight of the advantages of the domination is reduced to the possible minimum. Such capacity of dissuasion must in accordance with be developed the state and the imminence of the threats and, if necessary it will be, must be modified the fundamental principles of our military doctrine.