United Nations

In that, beyond the importance of advocating democracy in Latin America with which nobody disagrees, Presidents have invested precious time. After the pronouncements of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations, MERCOSUR He could you have issued a joint statement of support to the deposed President, Manuel Zelaya, and tackle their own affairs. For another occasion were, however, economic obstacles that warned the President Tabare Vazquez, soon to finish his Government. Uruguay assumed the Presidency pro tempore of MERCOSUR with the premise of promoting proposals related to internal trade, the movement of goods from other areas, the asymmetries among member countries, external negotiation and strategic projects. It is difficult, in plan of showing off, a President protruding in a forum of this kind raise the Elimination of the double charging of the common external tariff. Not convince other members, among which the most commonly injured would be Paraguay having no maritime ports, Uruguay fair agreement with Brazil. Very interesting what he says, that in almost two decades of existence, MERCOSUR had some successes: served to temper the disputes between the Argentina and Brazil. In the custom of clothing in it It is the dilemma: the bilateral does not have to be a regional matter. Of the four countries which founded MERCOSUR, Brazil always offered resistance to the establishment of regional bodies. Lula, whose term will end January 1, 2011, will not have the honour of having consolidated block, because, in a way, he has earned, without boycotting it, for projecting to his country with a position of regional leader who, until now, not had assumed.