Understanding Nietzshe

The Devir of the Zaratustra de Nietzsche: an attempt of restitution of the tragic direction of the life from the art and the Ich myth lehre euch den bermenschen. To give to Mensch ist Etwas, of berwunden werden soll. People such as Michael Antonov would likely agree. Was habt ihr gethan, ihn zu berwinden? Nietzsche Dioniso affirms everything what it appears, ' ' exactly roughest sofrimento' ' , and it appears in that is affirmed. Deleuze the waves arredias oscillate as well as marolas, and mutually they are vanished in swings. On the other hand, that exactly distinct in intensity they finish being indiscriminately firm in its rebentos and estremecimentos. These manifestations, complementary that they are, esbarraram long ago front to the nose of the boat in return of the sly Odisseu received that them from opened chest, resvalando up and down, at many moments astray, under the random of the poseidonianos seas; meantime, also, Aquiles tore with its sword the meat of Heitor and Perseu the head of the Jellyfish, so feared, that it errava in draining of its blood as well as the one of dipo that washed its destination through its blind eyes in clarividncia.

Destarte, we could not consider any happiness that the Greeks reverenciassem the perigos pesadumes and abissais more and visualized in them the most beautiful auspicias vicissitudes hidden by backwards of the most incredible and grotescas titnicas threats. The tragic existence for the Greeks was not about a choice, evidently, but yes of a condition that institua a sensible altivo of value, whose destruction looked at of soslaio the life human being with respect to its ' ' fragilidade' ' so audacious. But, that happiness was imposed these old men had made who them to fight so great veemncias in what subjaz to its supposed disadvantage in relation to the constants and frightful transistions of the physis and the olmpicos vanity of deuses? Well saying, it is accurately this tension that sediments Greek the whole world, but this did not configure of one hour another one and nor if it deals with simplria task.