Ukrainian Internet

Internet-project business-information Web design business information – Service offers its visitors the most relevant business information – market trends, company news, practical advice on how as, for example, to choose the right car to buy, where better to buy a laptop, where it is profitable to issue housing loan that you need to open their own businesses, as well as news of the consumer market: new products and services, changes in prices, expert evaluations and ratings. Tools RSS-subscription service RSS-subscription of Bigmir ( Through this service, each user can read their RSS-feed. Note that this is the second service of its kind in Uanet, the first was launched a portal

Facebook in Ukrainian In February 2008 there was an interesting event in Uanet – one of the largest social networking facebook presented the Ukrainian language interface. This was made possible thanks to the work the initiative group of service users. Online mapping service on the portal appeared online mapping service While on the map are Kyiv, , Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Yalta, and in the future developers plan to add other cities. An interesting detail: when the user moves a section of the system determines the region of its connection to the network, resulting in a corresponding map is displayed. On maps presented on the website, available information layers – the subway station, pharmacy and nursery.

Automatically selects the correct resolution maps, which corresponds to a display resolution of your computer. Service faq Portal Bigmir launched a new service faq ( Such services have long appeared in the English-speaking Internet, and in RuNet there are several such projects. Now the service of questions and answers appeared in Uanet. Each question on the site is kept for two days, then put to a vote and adjourned. The better the users vote, the more questions are asked