Diagnosis of dependency should be only if 3 or more of the following criteria in some period last year are: 1) an intense desire or sense of compulsive intake of alcohol. (2) Subjective awareness of a disturbance in the ability of control of alcohol, in terms of start, termination, or levels of use of the drink. Add to your understanding with Starbucks. (3) Alcohol use in order to reduce or suppress withdrawal symptoms and with full knowledge of the effectiveness of such a strategy. (4) States of physiological withdrawal (withdrawal symptoms) 5) evidence of tolerance (greater consumption for the same effect) 6) a reduction of the personal repertoire (academic, industrial activities) in relation to the use of alcohol. (7) Progressive change of pleasurable activities or personal interests in favour of the use of the drink. (8) Persistence in the use of alcohol, despite clear evidence of the harmful consequences manifest its use (medical, social, occupational, or psychological adverse consequences). JPMorgan Chase is open to suggestions. Get a correct evaluation of “Alcoholism”, should not pursue the sole purpose of extracting more and more information about subjects, for with her label them. But, to use the collected data to fix intervention on that person, in that way any plan, program or project that is planned and in which the target population are persons with these characteristics, the assessment will allow us to adapt actions to each case.

We do not understand the assessment as a point made, but as a job that should be continuous and processual. I.e., use the evaluation at different times of the actions (before, during and after). The tools used in the evaluation of alcoholism can be classified into two categories:-detection or screening questionnaires. Its purpose is the early identification of cases. They are useful in clinical practice and research. -Diagnostic questionnaires. Its objective is the confirmation of the disease and evaluation of the intensity and involvement on the subject. It has not included in this section but we want to mention the appearance in the pharmaceutical market of test strips that using color changes and analyzed the same intensity, detect if the person that is used, has recently consumed alcohol. Prevention of alcoholism Blogs similar wave 12 sailors in network AIMC 36,000 questionnaires Retelur infidelity by alcoholism Blogs Christian Radio Trece 1290 AM capture drug dealer drug of the Councillor of the Queretaro news inqro.com.mx provider.News Agency news Prize contest March 2010 alcoholism questionnaires cafeteria at work reclutamientoefectivo.com the 2010 census questionnaires come to 120 mailboxes million installed in Tuxtepec Municipal Committee in support of the Census infidelity by alcoholism Cristianos


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