Transport Advertising – A Successful Advertising Campaign In A Budget

For many small and medium-sized businesses, it has an effective and affordable advertising campaign to find top priority. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, always the same question arises: How can I achieve the maximum advertising effect with a small advertising budget? That there are interesting opportunities for effective advertising. A small advertising budget does not mean that no successful promotional measures can be taken. Learn more on the subject from Ben Horowitz. As so often in life, there are alternatives that are exceeding the Status Quo or the previous advertising efforts. How about a transport advertising because time? But when can one speak of a successful marketing measures successful advertising? Platt said that if more is sold in the connection of the action. Of course, it is incredibly difficult to measure the effectiveness of a measure on their own just when using multiple advertising channels. But a measure is all the more effective, the more often they perceived, seen, talked and this remains in the minds of the Viewer. We get print advertising vs. mobile advertising so already to the point. How do I a promotion as often as possible and repeating on the male/female and all to get at an affordable price? We just start with the classics: an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine. The advantages are obvious. Low costs for the design of high availability of certain target groups and no mounting – or removal costs. Then we were already at the disadvantage. An effective advertising is one as already referred to above: is again present. A newspaper ad in black and white, in a big sticky note dimensions must be turned at least twice a week and over a longer period, so that they will be perceived. Cost factor for these two ads in an average, German daily newspaper: about 400-500 euros per week. This is too much for the one or the other advertising budget of small businesses. The alternative is a significant transport advertising. Bus advertising, Tram advertising or advertising on taxis. The advantage: always present, hardly any losses because they permanten in use and can be seen and an unbeatable value for money. The rent for a full bus wrap costs depending on the city and route roughly 450 euros. For that, you get a bus which is covered from top to bottom with your flashy advertising message. Depending on the choice of motifs, the bus gets your personal touch by the coverage. It even goes so far, that often no longer from the line xy is spoken, but by the bus of the company he hired him. Additional costs for transport advertising for the rental costs must be balanced however the cost of design, film, wrap and distance. But at an average rental period of 2 years these costs are spread moderately, and compared to the considerably cheaper than in a newspaper advertisement. Good luck with your transport advertising.