Tortuga – Two Treasures: Ship Ahoy

Ship Ahoy. Controls with Ascaron Tortuga – Two Treasures towards the Caribbean and is waiting with a very atmospheric pirate Aufbaustratgie on – coupled with a lot of action. The result: an entertaining pirate adventure in beautiful scenery. As already mentioned, at Ascaron Tortuga – Two Treasures has much value on the atmosphere in the game laid, including Caribbean blue water waves, sunshine, fog suddenly appearing, beautiful island scenery and lots of sailing ships in the middle – a haven for pirates. But before the success of pirates have set the Kleingaunertum – no moss is also in the freebooters nothing going on. In the role of the pirate William Walsh and his loyal followers, we must first provide the necessary Penunsen to us to buy a due to ship to a voice in a powerful little word can Piratenvorherrschaft.

So, way up once from the small privateers to the prestigious pirates and earn the necessary respect. Dealers must be scouted and raided to repair broken again with their goods and to build larger ships. With the larger and correspondingly equipped frigates we can draw in the big battles. can break down wood for shipbuilding is also happy, as we create with dinghies and secure the raw materials lying around. Similarly, one can recommend to the dinghies and clandestine raids – at night – make to other boats or camp. On land and water we have to penetrate with our team here at the most powerful pirate in the Caribbean to be. It can specialize our characters on various distance or Nahwaffen, when it says ship ready for action and get ready for boarding.