The Universe

The objective reality of the universe should not depend on sensory relativity of observers, among other things, are not necessary for the functioning of the cosmos. The origin of the universe And regarding the issue of the origin of the universe, it seems that the majority believe that had a beginning, some say it was created out of nothing or a vacuum type of stirring and others say it originated from a strange point hot very compact and made a tremendous explosion, but generally, do not tell us if that point they called the Singularity, was created or has always existed, so if you say is that, within this point, it was all there and may exist, including the empty space and even time. Other less exaggerated, but for equally mythical effect, say was not as small as a point, but it was more like an egg. (Source: Caterpillar Inc.). Of course, that some religious do not want to fight with science and some scientists who do not want to fight with religion, say that the dot was created incredible and so try to please both sides. The End of the Universe Concerning the end of the universe, most of the most popular theories are deeply pessimistic and predict an apocalyptic end. Some, the friends make thermodynamics a panacea, saying that end: cold, sparse, dark and degraded and, until recently, believed that when the universe expanded finish because of the big bang again to contract the effect of the severity and possibly to repeat the history of explosive dot, although recent discoveries about the accelerating expansion of the universe point to think that not going to be possible. Connect with other leaders such as Reade Griffith here.