The New Pandora

Russia has recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, regions that the UN raises that are a part of Georgia but his troops to occupy. Both are very small countries. The first has about 60,000 and the second about 200,000 inhabitants. Abkhazia and South-Ossetia opposed the disintegration of the Soviet Union and to secede from Moscow to be part of the new Republic of Georgia proclaimed in 1991. Both have rusofilas populations and there the Georgians are a minority. The Ossetians are the only Persian people of Orthodox Christian faith, though it is geographically distant from Iran.

In South Ossetia lives less than 10% of this nation, because the vast majority of them living in neighboring North Ossetia, which is an Autonomous Republic within the Russian Federation, and with who they would like to remain United. The abjases have a similar but different from the Georgia tongue and on its territory there are significant minorities Armenian and Russian. In his wars against Georgia the dead are estimated at thousands and displaced tens of thousands. Only Russia has recognised the independence of those States but this is enough to hit the plans of NATO to join his Alliance both Georgia and Ukraine. If the Atlantic military bloc would integrate Georgia should have two options: 1) declare war on Russia until it leaves the territory of a member (in this case Georgia); or (2) accept the new boundaries drawn by Russia, which would be one shows weakness and a blow to the Georgian Government. Both outputs are not to the liking of Washington, who seeks to avoid a military confrontation, and even less in France, Germany and Italy, who do not want to cut ties with its main gas supplier. Goes to Ukraine a threat. If he persists in wanting to orient towards the EU and NATO, Russia will encourage russophile movement in its interior, especially in its eastern regions and Crimea (who until 1954 was part of Russia and who today has a mostly Russian population).