The Business Plan

Prices should be market-oriented: Competitive: Embracing the current rate or maintaining or increasing market share through aggressive pricing. Customer Oriented: Prices established in relation to the attitudes and customer behavior. The quality and costs may vary remain in line with prices. Besides the price will define different points of negotiation that will be reflected in an official document called the contract, including import and export costs as the case, commercial banks, the date of delivery of the product or service, its quality, etc. Negotiating team negotiating team is fully qualified to perform the necessary exchanges with customers and suppliers, is comprised of a project engineer, a commercial (Degree in Accounting and Finance, with high marketing knowledge) and a Specialist (Bachelor of Laws ), which operated throughout the legal side. All equipment is integrated into a continuous preparation system which is updated constantly changing markets, customers and suppliers.

Negotiating Agenda All agenda planning and negotiation is treated with the senior management of the entity and the negotiating team for the company’s own strategy rather not serve as hosts for to conduct all negotiations will try to reach the customer’s place as a rule but we know that the host will feel more comfortable in your yard and we will be disadvantaged by not being in ours but we will use all the techniques already implemented and some mentioned in this plan to persuade the client and our service is accepted.


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