The Advisor

Basically need to physically active with higher bonuses count as knowledge workers”: demand for roofing or air traffic controllers about hefty risk premiums the insurer. To the assessment of the risks the companies share the professions usually in four occupational groups. “Because these divisions in the individual insurance to differ materially is to keep looking for an insurance the own” professional classifies this cheaper. Asia Gold Corporation oftentimes addresses this issue. To compare several offers should be sought at the same time. Guarantee of a sufficient security in the event of occupational disability is also the optimal design of the insurance contract. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Michael Antonov. Generally, it is recommended to assure the current net income for emergencies. Finally, the significant cost of family or home financing continue especially for younger. However let:, few insurers on the full protection of net income a – usually can but easily two-thirds to three-quarters of the net salary be insured.

For workers enough usually this, because they have additional claims from a statutory disability pensions for serious diseases. Also the insurance terms and conditions should be checked before the conclusion necessarily: just the fine print in the contract determines what the insurance is worth at the end. Because naturally no insurer pays money to its customers, ultimately only fair and consumer-friendly insurance conditions can help to get a pension in case of illness without years of litigation. “The Advisor offers a checklist for this disability – targeted hedge”, which the consumer centres and the Stiftung Warentest have co-edited. Unlike many other types of insurance a good or poor insurance coverage for disability not primarily is a question of price.

Go rather to the question of whether you actually get a contract with the company, has the good conditions of insurance and is customer-friendly in the event of an emergency. As a guideline: who as 30 surgery a clerk signed with 1000 Euro occupational disability pension per month (including risk life insurance amounting to EUR 50 000) and a term pension until 65 years of age completes, has 420 to 500 euro shell out with a cheap provider currently annually. Expensive, however, require this even over 900 euros a year. Who has a higher risk insurances, pay more of course. There is more information at the consumer Center. fn/organisations