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Air Containers

Percentage of freight containers, compared with other ways of transportation increases, despite the crisis. The development of this form of transport is the percentage growth of no less than the existing ones. Traffic volume will grow as construction of new multi-modal container yards. As practice shows, the terminals for the transportation of cargo containers are needed in each locality with a population of half a million inhabitants. Container transportation have tangible benefits. Reducing the need for storage space – one of them. The container has a roof, so no need to find special storage facilities and terminals built for them.

Especially in Russia it is very important because the lack of effect of warehouses. Another advantage is not required loaders. Typically, the work overload by a special crane. That, in general automates this process and leads to faster delivery. And environmental conditions for the part does not affect the transport and cargo safety. Container shipping is economically beneficial to various businesses. Benefits can be obtained during transportation, as various consumer goods and food, clothing, footwear and household appliances.

It is possible to carry bulk cargo in specialized containers. In this case, a special technology, and it is also beneficial. Now the main railway transportation is carried out containers. The owners of cargo moving away from the usual method of loading bulk. They understand that the rail transport containers provide them additional features, including the cargo. Unfortunately rail transport containers have their difficulties. One of the disadvantages – lack of specialized rolling stock. For example, for Rail tonnage container used container platforms. But their number in circulation transport companies are not very large. Fitting platforms in this country produce more plants.