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Gode Audience

We have an opportunity not to delve into the details, not to cling to the subtle roughness, and speak very General. For training purposes, we are guided in their parsing, this situation is ideal. So, this speech is a serious flaw in its premise, its basic idea. Thesis: "We will make our country strong, powerful, and it needs your energy, the energy of youth. " Thesis announced in late, and coincides with the conclusion, it is quite possible ways of its location, although better still, to put it higher, but in the end repeated in the recapitulation. The thesis is totally confirmed. Add to your understanding with Jonas Samuelson.

"We will make our country strong and powerful" – this paragraph beginning with the words "you know, we're working hard." "For this we need" – that is really needed confirmed in the last paragraph, the words of continued Gode youth. "Your energy, energy of the young" – this is the beginning of speech, which reveals what the energy of the young. The problem is not that the thesis has not been confirmed, and that He does not in itself meet the requirements of rhetoric. What is public performance? This is an attempt to solve the rhetorician real difficulty, the problem of audience is not always a practical problem, but it is always a problem. Rhetorician must it formulate, discover and propose a solution. Learn more at: Ben Horowitz. The theme of the speaker is the problem of his listeners, and the solution of the problem is the thesis of his speech.

Subject must be interesting, relevant and problematic (because the topic – is and there is a problem), and the thesis must be new, controversial, and workable (because the thesis – this is the problem). What is the topic under review, the President's speech? What problem does the audience tries to solve this performance? What proposed solution? No answer. "We will make our country strong, powerful, and it needs your energy, the energy of youth." For example, I – a young and energetic winner of "Breakthrough", I sit on the forum and hear this thesis. On what my problem it is a response to what my difficulty, he is the solution? Do not I know that the state should choose to make the country more powerful? Or I do not know that I am – such a talented, business and creative – can, in principle, the state need? I knew all this and that. For what if I need to hear it? The thesis of this presentation is not the solution audience. And therefore subject speech to the audience has no relationship, no matter how many times it does not repeat the word "youth". This question is not pronounced in the audience, this speech in the audience does not need. And the audience is, accordingly, has no need for such a speech. This is the worst mistake – talk by the audience. Remember and beware.

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture exists in any company. It can be formal or informal, rule-based documents, or based on the unspoken rules, but she is always there. Further details can be found at Electrolux, an internet resource. It would therefore be reasonable to deliberately create and use a corporate culture in the development of the company. Corporate Culture – a tool that effectively helps the company to survive in difficult times, to adapt quickly to new demands, requirements of the external business environment. Particular mention should be made a corporate culture built on coaching. Corporate culture based on coaching, involves an entirely new type of relations in the company, especially in relations manager-subordinate. Conducting coaching implies that management is not confined to coaching and the distribution of guidance, and includes questions. Questions that allow for a clear formulate the problem, find the resources necessary for its decision to disclose the internal capacity of staff.

The Head takes a subordinate as a person who has everything necessary to solve assigned tasks, is sufficiently competent and trained. Virtually any company can easily absorb it supports human-centered culture, which provides for a general coaching, coaching is conducted by managers to subordinates, colleagues – among themselves, and in some cases, subordinate managers. This corporate culture allows you to clearly identify the needs of staff that coaching can help determine in which direction they move on. Manager with the skills coach, a lot more know about the desires and needs of their subordinates. If managers will listen to employees and take their views into their actions and decisions, they will experience greater satisfaction from their work, the effectiveness of their performance will increase significantly, and turnover, has weakened.


In the past has taught us that the best way to get money and the more stable was to be used, but this idea no longer works in an economy where jobs are scarce and more volatile, are no longer for life as in the past, and you can be fired at any time. What is the solution? If you can get a temporary job with fixed salary, dale welcome while it lasts, but the real solution of Fund is that you learn to be independent, you seek to earn extra money, you’re creative, you act permanently, develops your ability to display opportunities and observation to detect them in time. Internet is a medium that facilitates you to be independent, because connects you with the whole world, and if you manage and defend you in more than one language, you will have an advantage over your competitors. No to be expert in technology to make money through virtual media and multimedia. Simply specialize in a for activities, be good enough to differentiate yourself from the competition, love the change, new trends of customers, partner with others, participate in forums, and apply a little marketing to make your product reaches those who need it and to have impact that you buy or hire.

It is a matter of mentality and consciousness so that you develop your financial independence and business. Not afraid afraid to venture into new projects, learn and flow with the trends of the customers, show your skills, improve and maintain existing, because only the best will survive in the business as a separate, and you can be in the moment in which you find a niche business where Excel and passionate about you. Business types and the alternatives of making money are readily available on internet losportales, and with a little research you can find the different options, either selling other products, offering your services as a freelance, design, virtual, in finance or marketing software tools, getting customers, communicating with consumers, expressing ideas, being a good Communicatorno matter the medium. But the most important thing It is that you convict that you can earn money independently, gain awareness of its importance, learn one trick pony to expedite the process, and begin to act to become financially independent. A good start is that you develop your blog, participate in social networks, and keep the sentidosabiertos for detecting opportunities, always present and willing to make you use them first, or second or third, doesn’t matter, because there is market for all.

Universal Coaching Trainers

2 The typical error in the training of trainers for the product. That today provides for training of trainers on the product market T & D services and what are the possibilities for companies? As a rule, it is still Universal Coaching training – "training trainers", they say, for all occasions. Having a great experience training trainers, both in public and in the corporate format, we can immediately identify the "costs" of such preparations for training of trainers on the product. Training of trainers provides excellent opportunities for growth (personal and professional), opens up many new and interesting. But! Generic training of trainers in most cases does not provide the methodology for constructing training sessions on products, (use the "cycle of Kolb and other methods navykovogo learning in the classroom for production, for example, about fifty people, it is problematic), does not focus on key presentation skills, the coach's work with large (50, 100 or more employees) and small groups (1 – 2 participants). There is another significant difference in the coach for the product: the main object in the learning process here is knowledge, while the business coach is focusing more on skills of the group. Often the coach for the product is returned after the training of trainers in the company, which sent him to study, "winged" and "Advanced", but, unfortunately, with a small number of professional tools that apply specifically to his work. As a result, the "trained" coach hangs the question: "How am I all use? I have a class at all others