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Active development of the Internet has led to what he has to play an important role in various spheres of human life and activity. The Internet helps us work more effectively, learn, shop, plan travel, to find like-minded people, and so on the Internet use: employees, office workers, housewives, students, managers, workers, students, etc. All of them find themselves something interesting. Naturally, in such situation, almost every business person to strive to create for your company website. This is a business card that provides information about the company, address information, history of, or contains a directory of services goods, etc. Also on the site can post company news and information about interesting events, promotions and sales, feature articles, brief historical information, tips, and photos of products, employees.

Site company – is a sure way to interact with customers and partners, provided of course that it is not lost on the Web and it can be detected easily by using the search engine. Therefore, search engine optimization site often becomes the key to a large number of visits to a resource and as a consequence, a prerequisite for successful business development. Of course, the success of advertising campaign promoting the site are best left to professionals. When promoting the site are taken into account many different factors. Search engines analyze internal and external characteristics of the site and rely on them when issuing requests. We analyze all: quantity and quality of external and internal links, the validity of the code, content, availability and number of key words, etc.

All this affects the popularity of the site and its promotion on the Internet. Budgets that are spent for the promotion of a site that has been successful, are different. They depend on the quality and quantity of keywords, regions, etc. Therefore, promotion of the site – a service which can benefit everyone. In order to website promotion is necessary to be successful and optimization, which includes: Increasing number of text on the site, creating new sections: news, articles, reviews, special offers. Work on the indexing pages by search engines. Improving the usability of the site and internal conversion site: orders from visitors and customers. Modernization of the design, site link structure, etc. The work on getting permanent links, with by placing press releases, articles, etc. And many more. It is worth noting that better promotion of the site accompanied by contextual advertising. Given that the promotion of the site last 1 month or more, it is the context advertising the first time will be the main source of traffic.

Internet Business

I decided to make its own study and determine the number of people interested in the work on the Internet or already making money on the web. First of all, I have determined the most popular queries that users ask search engines. earnings in the Internet business on the Internet 55 123 41 467 41 103 online earn work at 37 785 home to find work in the Internet work on the Internet 36 980 26 843 26 843 earnings in the internet how to make a network 13 283 12 008 Internet commerce work on the internet earn money online 7401 6921 work Internet site to make 6344 3986 3291 Internet business looking for a job on the internet in 2559 earn online 939 work at 795 of the Internet As a result, about 55 thousand people daily interest earnings on the Internet, but only every 17th person has the idea of how to implement it. Indicator is the query 'to make the site'. Its 7% of the respondents were asked. Although this type of income is the simplest and most profitable on the Internet. Freelance I include in the study did not, because a separate form of the linear and the business is not a great attitude.

Conclusion: There is a vast field for activity. Every day, thousands of people looking for information that can help them implement their ideas, but not everyone knows where to begin. Postscript: This year, the Public Opinion Foundation conducted a study of the number of Internet users in Russia. According to a study in 2008 the number of users has increased by almost 4% and 29% of the total population – 32.7 million people. This means that the Internet audience will grow even quite a long time. Options to grow your business a huge amount. Work in the information market is not the problem from the lungs, together with the prospects of huge! Do it or not – the choice is yours!