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Mining machinery as the most important part in manufacturing industry is also the important support of the national economy. Do With the continuous development of China s economic globalization, how to develop China s mining machinery in the trend of our shed, and what is the direction of the mining machinery industry? The mineral resources is the natural resources which the mankind depends on for living, and also important raw materials for the industry most products, but limited and non-renewable resources. For our mining technology and mining machinery is comparatively backward, China mineral resource is not completely rational utilization. With the coming of low-carbon was, the green and environmental protection has been the theme. China has introduced a series of measures to promote the rational utilization of mineral resource. The mining excavators, jaw crusher, raymond mill and other mining machineries will face new development opportunities and challenges. With the advance of industrialization and urbanization process in China, the demand of mineral resources continues to grow rapidly.

In 2020, the expected catch mineral reserve such as coal, iron ore, refined copper, aluminum and other mineral reserves would be a serious shortage. The degree of external dependence is almost a straight line up. At the same time, the Steel Association and the Big Three within the foreseeable future negotiations on iron ore. My country is in urgent need to improve mineral exploration and mining technology level. To a service-oriented brand integrity, As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of machinery, like spiral separator mining, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.combination crusher: The study found that China has great potential of mineral resources, and have favorable conditions to improve the level of protection. Our ore-forming geological conditions are favorable, the identify amount of main mineral resources is about one-third; the most important mineral resources have huge potential on prospecting and development.

The coal is in exploration initial stage and will become an important part of our energy resources. The identify extent of important metal ore resources is an average of 35%, iron, aluminum and other bulk mineral identification is about 40%. We have huge potential for concealed mineral deposits prospecting in the eastern, western New Area. The crisis mines resources exploration results show that the known deposits in the deep and peripheral has potential conditions to increase the amount. Meanwhile, China s mineral resources conservation and comprehensive utilization of the potential is huge, and have more room through strengthen management, and promote scientific and technological progress and development of circular economy. The future development of the mining machinery industry is vast, and to strengthen investment in research and personnel training industry for future high-tech development. Vigorously implement the application of scientific equipment with independent intellectual property and promote the Branch equipment industry base of the building, in a different way into the mining machinery industry, to lay a solid foundation for its international direction of the path of development.