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Tamara Globa

In this case, they made various rituals: driving dances, walking on a spiral, stretch hands to the sky, lying on the "sacred" hills. This is all taught them Tamara Globa. Or rather, will say, not taught, and has sparked a mass pilgrimage to these places. All this involves alleged to energy, which in this place the most powerful. (I wonder where was this power before?).

Rites of the same people have invented themselves. For the pagans had values not only 3 sacred mountains "Shaman" (by the way really "Shaman" in the Bronze Age was a sacred mountain, and before there was a volcano), "Mountain of Love", which it was necessary to spend the night, and a mountain of Reason. In the first two pilgrims are actively committed rituals. Raised hands to the sky, something asked from the sun, singing songs. On the mountain of the Mind was no one, at least, we are there no one noticed apparently, the Mind is not needed when there is a Shaman and love.

For them (the pagans and adherents of various faiths), and it was important to settlement, or rather the traces of the fort. There they are, in spite of bans on travel without a guide performed their rituals. I must tell you that without a guide on this mound there is nothing – nothing to understand. You just have to remain that make strange twisting arms, their vskidyvanie periodically, and every distinguished magic. do not go there without a guide. do not smoke there And do not throw garbage. sun pray, and to that you grow, gadite. At the base of these mountains stretches camp. Here you can see all the colors of the world Car ferries, various kinds of portable houses. , it seems, have erected this tent. Krasiviyshee structure. It also housed the sellers of various religious attributes and crafts. Selling products and wood, stone, leather, just a jersey with the trappings Arkaim and without it. Books of scientific and esoteric nature. There was even a writer – he sold the book signing, with buyers he had no passport required. Sold and really, reading. Personally, I bought the book iv Balabanov Sites. In short Fair. Here you can meet and pagans and Christians, Hare Krishnas and Hindus, and yet not know anyone. Some walked with drums, singing a variety of ethnic songs, was heard harp, flute. But people are people, despite the holiness has not been without drinking, littering the reserve, and songs like "What is autumn in the camps" (which also Arkaim without these songs?). All night ardent fans celebrated the victory of Russia in the quarter finals. It's good that our camp was farther than these fans and admirers of the sun. Way home through the nonsense – Schild – Novoorsk. It was a grueling heat, were all tired. We arrived home in the evening.