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The present cultural diversity in the world if test for the amount of languages. They exist, according to Ethnologue compendium, considered the biggest inventory of languages of the planet, 6912 languages, adding official and regional languages of each country. It has, also, a prospection that about 400 languages is not catalogued. But the plurality can diminish. UNESCO (Organization of United Nations for the Education, Science and Culture) affirms that half of these languages can still disappear in century 21. Reason: the globalization. It is there that the importance of the English course enters. Course of English facilitates to the use of the Internet in the day the day But what it helped the globalization to be a reality? The Internet.

Through it, the world was connected e, for this, an official language if made necessary and who has access to the nets knows that the world online has the predominance of the English. Had to this, each time more the language if firm as the official language of the world and, to learn it, is necessary the course of English. The Mandarin still is the said language more of the planet; what he does not surprise, since is the official language of the country most populous of the world. The English is in according to place, but the expectation is that this number increases with the years and the increasing necessity. Course of English in Brazil and the world This factor becomes to believe that the population in Brazil is not alone that it needs to invest in English course, is a world-wide necessity.

The estimate is that currently 322 million people say English in the whole world. In Brazil, the research is not conclusive, but they point a percentage of less than 10% of the Brazilian population that speaks and writes with fluency, some agencies point 3%, others 8%. This percentage increases when treat to notion in English. However to have superficial knowledge facilitates, but he is not satisfactory. A research made for Executives 2011 showed that of the professionals who place in the resume the English course, only 11% obtain to speak without difficulties, but only 3% they are fluentes. By means of research, films, books, dialogues or same to the few with the adhesion to the Internet, a notion of the English can be obtained. But this does not substitute the learning with the professor, basic and necessary. It will be who goes to teach grammatical correct, verbal pronunciation, times and until local culture. The necessary language to be worked together with professionals, to perfect it and to obtain to reach the fluency. Therefore, I will choose an institution that offers the English course who better if adapte to its method of learning, with able professionals and diversity in education. Another advantage is the relationship with the course colleagues, it will leave you to the conviviality more untied to say and to develop the fluency.


The beginning of the freedom unionization, as Great Letter (article 8, caption and interpolated proposition V) does not allow, the unicity institute. Ademais, is unacceptable to admit obligatory payments to such syndical organizations, therefore, these favorable positions the extinguishing of ‘ ‘ Sindical’ support; ‘ they defend that the contributions they are made exclusively in virtue of the legitimacy of the union before its associates. The CUT always fought for the end of the apparatus, that serves the masters as form to hinder the free organization diligent them. Another example, Union of the Metallurgist of Sorocaba always fought against the discounting of the union dues, as it illustrates the photo below. Ben Horowitz usually is spot on. ‘ ‘ Workers congregated in the ABC, 1980: the end of the tax was bandeira’ ‘ 17 What it differs from other representations, that defend the maintenance and the creation of new syndical justinian codes.We start to transcribe the divergent positions in the next chapter.

Contrary positions the extinguishing ‘ ‘ Sindical’ support; ‘ whose subject represents the Union dues symbolically, without entering the too much tributes approved in assembly and conventions, it almost generates to the safes of the syndical entities a slice of R$ 2 billion per year, value this collected of obligatory form of the working classroom (subsidy that represents one day of work of the employee who has signed wallet), this ‘ ‘ Sindical’ support; ‘ it feeds almost around 10,000 (a thousand) syndical agencies that divide these ciphers without no fiscalization. How much to the economic sustentation of the syndical entities, it seems inevitable to weave some consideraes on the current controversy regarding the convenience or not of extinguishing of the union dues. Representatives of the agencies allege that, the percentage of the associative exaction is inexpressivo in face to the financial commitments of an union. the demonstration of that the fight will continue, sees the substance below: ‘ ‘ Paulinho, of the Force, festeja with its cut: agreement and voting sumria’ ‘.