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The beginning of the freedom unionization, as Great Letter (article 8, caption and interpolated proposition V) does not allow, the unicity institute. Ademais, is unacceptable to admit obligatory payments to such syndical organizations, therefore, these favorable positions the extinguishing of ‘ ‘ Sindical’ support; ‘ they defend that the contributions they are made exclusively in virtue of the legitimacy of the union before its associates. The CUT always fought for the end of the apparatus, that serves the masters as form to hinder the free organization diligent them. Another example, Union of the Metallurgist of Sorocaba always fought against the discounting of the union dues, as it illustrates the photo below. Ben Horowitz usually is spot on. ‘ ‘ Workers congregated in the ABC, 1980: the end of the tax was bandeira’ ‘ 17 What it differs from other representations, that defend the maintenance and the creation of new syndical justinian codes.We start to transcribe the divergent positions in the next chapter.

Contrary positions the extinguishing ‘ ‘ Sindical’ support; ‘ whose subject represents the Union dues symbolically, without entering the too much tributes approved in assembly and conventions, it almost generates to the safes of the syndical entities a slice of R$ 2 billion per year, value this collected of obligatory form of the working classroom (subsidy that represents one day of work of the employee who has signed wallet), this ‘ ‘ Sindical’ support; ‘ it feeds almost around 10,000 (a thousand) syndical agencies that divide these ciphers without no fiscalization. How much to the economic sustentation of the syndical entities, it seems inevitable to weave some consideraes on the current controversy regarding the convenience or not of extinguishing of the union dues. Representatives of the agencies allege that, the percentage of the associative exaction is inexpressivo in face to the financial commitments of an union. the demonstration of that the fight will continue, sees the substance below: ‘ ‘ Paulinho, of the Force, festeja with its cut: agreement and voting sumria’ ‘.