Truily the word you is faithful and all the prophecies contained in the bible come if fulfilling, see earthquakes, even though in Brazil that we found that he was free of this, but nothing escapes of the word Mr.! We see attritions and wars between the nations, however what more we can perceive in general in our way, they are the presence of the sin and the iniquity if multiplying and consequently the love cooling in the families and churches, the family as all we know is the base of the society, if we have well structuralized families we have an excellent society and the church (which we are we ourselves) possesss the incumbency of the maintenance and to promote the practical one of the Biblical social principles, that are ours rule of practical life and. However we live at a time of comodismo in the churches where evangelho is many times more seen as ' ' the source of the material enrichment and individual' ' of what ' ' spiritual and coletivo' ' , where the love is banalizado through many words and few actions, each one feels ' ' GREAT MERECEDOR' ' of the blessings, of the aidings, the love, all understanding and attention, and mainly of the services gratis of its next ones, and, he was not this that Christ taught in them, Jesus said that if somebody to want to be the greater that is the minor in the direction to serve its next ones in all good workmanship, for the glory of God through the exerted love for whom they hug the cross of Christ to serve of light to the world, the Word in says that if you you says that she loves the God and she does not love its next one, is liar and son of the devil! Now we go to reflect together, let us look at for inside of we ourselves, our consciences and let us see where place we have in the placed one, in the place of servants or ' ' super merecedores' '? The bible says in them on two generations, either sincere and answers pra you yourselves which of these generations of people you are belonging. .