How Women Navigate Meetings Successfully

As women have in day-to-day business difficult many women they experience it in everyday business introduce a discussion good suggestions and criticism, but despite several repeat the male participants only subliminally or not perceive their arguments. THE starting SITUATION: Are often women in business meetings in the minority. And just when men outnumbered the opinions of women are overlooked or perceived just at the edge. Behind a system? Mostly, it is because that the communication among men works differently than women. “For men is always the order of precedence in the room their communication is invisible so often means to an end, namely the balance of power” to confirm. Reade Griffith: the source for more info. It has less to do the content as a rather successful as possible in the hierarchy to assert themselves. Women, however, communicate each other”, so as to establish a pecking order, but take advantage of discussions and meetings to each other to create, to socialize, to close connection.

Women and men speak in different worlds at a joint panel discussion with men and women meet experience two worlds of communication, which can hardly be more opposite. The function random times, because there are common interests, but experience has shown that more misunderstandings than matches in such meetings. Who wants to occur successfully, must understand the behavior of women and men in discussions and respond appropriately to the situation. “Assert itself as a woman in man rounds to prevail as a woman in a male environment, it is important to look through the male rules and practices in the framework of discussions and meetings and the own reactions rank thinking” to match the men. Following these tips can help: a.) with the highest ranking, not with all communicate at the same time if the woman no high rank within the framework of a round table has (such as a freshman in a company), it is likely to lead aims to turn the word directly to the most important decision makers.

A direct approach ensures the attention of the remaining round of talks and allows at the same time, to impress the decision-makers with meaningful arguments and presence. (b).) Attract potential Ideenklauer personally quite often it happens that a male listener picks up the idea of a woman and new brings own approach. “Here is a woman: the best defense is attack”. Rather than accept the remark of the male colleagues without a fight, she should make a clear statement. “With the set: thank you, Mr Meyer, that you access the suggestion, which I have made.” So she takes command again”. It is important here to set these words and the following notes back to the chief operating decision maker. Conclusion: Just in meeting rounds, which are dominated by men, are the classic female communication strategies hardly. If it manages a woman however, customize their conversational skills to the male communication methods, she can stand in male domains.


Customers And Team Building

Again inflamed the debate whether it should refer more customers or more business partners. The answer can of course only be: customers and team building. Again inflamed the debate whether it should refer more customers or more business partners. The answer can of course only be: customers and team building. The most important is to find out why of the other. Because, as always in the economy, everything turns around only to solve problems. If so our party has a problem, my product might be a solution for that, then I offer of course just the product it.

That there is still a business in the background and the ability to refinance products, should I mention if I could determine that the customer of the products is excited by recommendation. It is necessary for each customer, we were able to win, to make a conscientious follow up. That means a week after ordering we call him and ask whether he has received everything he ordered. We give him tips on how to use the Products and wish him happy. A reasonable time later we’re back and to get a feedback of our customers, whether he is satisfied with the product. Now he is certainly right tell us whether he is thrilled.

And then is the right time to inform the customer the possibility of promoting friendship. If now a conversationalist but very different problems, such as for example dissatisfaction with the workplace, precisely the right moment to think of team building is too little money, no worry about pensions or the pension for the children. We arouse interests by we wonder whether it would be interesting for him, if there was something there. And so we can offer this prospective customers a solution for his problem. He then casually consumed the products as a means to an end. If we do this, it is not only easy to promote winning customers and team building at the same time, but we will learn never real rejection. It will give us more grateful be that we caring offered a solution, if we really let the choice the interesting, also easy to say no and to look for another solution to his problem. Have fun with the contacts you want Volker Schafer