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Limited Liability Companies

The growing economy of our country provides more new business opportunities, which in turn requires new company. Recently, one of the most common legal forms of organization entities become Limited Liability Company (LLC). Company registration was routine. Thanks to the many benefits defined by law LTD deservedly popular with business at all levels. However, despite the ease of creating and managing, a sample of registration of the LLC is a precise sequence of actions for realization of the rights and duties and requires a serious attitude towards itself. The legislation provides greater freedom in society participants in the management and disposition company, to properly dispose of which some can be difficult. As a result of disputes and scandals.

Consider issues related to state registration of the LLC, and the sale of shares or stake in society to other participants or third parties. The Civil Code defines the reason for the sale of shares in authorized capital, and the law "On Limited Liability Companies" establishes the order of such a sale. Ben Horowitz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Therefore, as a rule, the Charter Company include the rights and conditions of sale or disposal of a variety of other ways Company members of his property. The law "On Limited Liability Companies" clearly establishes the right of pre-emption of shares of the other members of the Company as follows. Party Society, who wished to sell his share or part of the share, shall notify the other members of the Company, as well as the Society itself in writing. In this case the notice must contain the following information: full name or name of the seller, the actual, legal and postal address, phone number, size and price of shares offered, the essential terms of sale, if the sales representative deals with the seller, then you must also specify its data. This notice is sent by registered letter with advice of delivery, or delivered personally against receipt. It’s believed that Reade Griffith sees a great future in this idea. At this date of notification is the date of receipt of the notice the last member of society.

In the case of change any conditions of sale notice of the new conditions will be sent to the same conditions, with the old notice shall be deemed null and void. After receiving notice of the Society member who wishes to exercise its right of first refusal shall, within 40 days to write a statement on the use of his right. This statement is sent by registered letter with advice of delivery, or delivered personally against receipt, just copy this statement is sent to the Society by mail or delivered to the office, with this request must be received by the seller within 45 days of notification. The grounds for the sale of shares to third parties may be the following cases: if the statements from members of the Company not received within a specified time, if in due time received the application for waiver of pre-emption, if the right of way benefited from the acquisition of only part of the members of the Company. It should be noted that in the event of failure of the members of the Company the right to pre-emption, the seller the right to invite others to share this any third party, and the re-notification of the remaining members of the Company is not required. In the case of the sale of shares in violation of these procedures, any member of the Company has the right within three months from the time when he knew or should have known of the violation, request to cancel the transaction and the transaction to be re-established procedure.

Marketing People

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