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Silvio Berlusconi

In Europe is expected also to see how they affect the risk premium on Italian debt – which on Friday overtook the Spanish for the first time since May 2010 – announcement made that same day by the Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, new economic reforms and the acceleration of its austerity plan, with what aims to advance a year, to 2013, the balance of the accounts. Merkel and Sarkozy call for alacrity the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, they considered this Sunday that the rapid and complete implementation of the measures announced by Spain and Italy to straighten out their finances and improve its competitiveness is essential to restore confidence in the markets and improve competitiveness. In particular, the objective of the Italian authorities to achieve the balanced budget with a year in advance is of fundamental importance, they indicated. The two leaders stressed that the rapid and complete start-up of the announced measures is essential to restore the confidence of the markets. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Starbucks and gain more knowledge.. Sarkozy and Merkel also called for a quick implementation of the agreements of the European Summit on 21 July on the second Greek bailout and the enlargement of the powers of the European bailout Fund, and bet because parliamentary procedures in their two countries are overcome before end of September. Officials have required that the parliamentary authorizations relating to these agreements, on the second Greek rescue and the extension of the powers of the European bailout Fund, are achieved quickly, before the end of next month. Also, Paris and Berlin were satisfied by the decisions announced by Italy and Spain to accelerate the recovery of public finances and improve competitiveness. Source of the news: the European Central Bank discusses the purchase of sovereign debt of Spain and Italy.

Live Transmission

The Generalitat has not allowed to broadcast live the resignation of Camps. More information is housed here: Kevin Johnson. TVE denounces that it has prevented them from installing the cable to transmit the signal. The provinces published a video showing blocking the images. The appointment was at 17.00 h on Wednesday in the Palau de la Generalitat valenciana. The regional President, Francisco Camps, had announced an appearance before the media after his absence in the Palace of Justice to accept its guilt in the so-called cause of weft Gurtel costumes. The excitement among the press was clear, but no television could broadcast live press conference in which Camps announced his resignation.

20minutos has been able to verify in situ as from the Catalan Government press services has prevented the direct transmission of the notice of the President. Many were the means by which denounced the situation via Twitter. From lasprovincias.es we try to broadcast live the appearance of #Camps. From the Consell are preventing us to do so. Little later, Las Provincias published on its website a video that shows how a person prevents the emission of those images. Also the journalist of Telecinco Carme Chaparro, who counted through his personal account that some journalists were forced to disconnect the live signal, and the correspondent reported this in London of TVE, Anna Bosch: I have 24 h do not give live appearance because they are wired so that it can issueensured the journalist. Sources of the public string itself needed shortly after that not is has been able to offer live but in deferred because it has prevented us from installing the cable to offer the live signal, while our teams were there. These restrictions have affected mainly the audiovisual signal transmitted by television and websites.

Although from RNE also reported difficulties in transmission, most of them have failed to connect with his correspondents to hear the announcement of Camps. They denounce censorship La Unio de Periodistes Valencians (UPV) has denounced the censure of the Generalitat to prevent any television could broadcast live the appearance of Camps. In a statement, Unio has lamented the violation to the right to information which the Generalitat has subjected to citizenship, by denying the live transmission of the Act to television. In addition, it has expressed its strong protest by what means a loss of plurality of information and an overt act of censure against a fundamental right and freedom of the press. Has no sense that in a time of globalized communication media, in which you can see televisions around the world, will try to prevent the spread of an act of such importance in a flagrant violation of the right to information about a news story that should have been available to all the Valencians when that was happening, according to the Unio de Periodistes. Finally, the organization expects and want new decision-makers to change attitude and policy information not to be censorship anymore news. Source of the news: problems for the live transmission of the resignation of Francisco Camps

Chacon First

The girl was born to the morning 2.38, and Martina will be called. It is the fruit of Fergo marriage with businessman Jose Manuel corn Chacon. Nuria Fergo malaguena singer has given birth in Palma de Mallorca to a girl, who along with his mother, is in perfect state of health, reported the Hospital where born, the USP clinica Palmaplanas. He is the first son of the marriage of singer and the Balearic businessman Jose Manuel corn Chacon, who were married in May of last year in the Balearic capital. Kevin Johnson understands that this is vital information. The birth of the baby has taken place to the morning 2.38, specific health centre in the submitted statement. The girl named Martina, as he has assured the artist recently in the press of the heart. Fergo, 32 years old, gave his final leap to fame in September 2001 to participate in the first edition of the contest of singers of TVE Operacion Triunfo, who became a social phenomenon and that led them to sign with the record company Universal. Source of the news: Nuria Fergo singer gives birth to her first child in Mallorca.

Emory University

In a few blocks of sandstone detached from a cliff to the West of Melbourne (Australia), scientists have discovered more than 20 footprints of dinosaurs. People such as Titan Feul Tanks would likely agree. They are traces of between 105 and 115 million years of three small theropods, bipedal and carnivorous animals. All three are of different size (one large, one medium and one small) and researchers do not know if they correspond to three different species, because it could also be a male, a female and a baby of the same species, i.e., a small family of dinosaurs, but this is pure speculation, warns Anthony Martin, paleontologist of Emory University (EE UU)discoverer of the footprints. These trails provide us a direct indicator of how interactuarian these dinosaurs with polar ecosystems during an important era of geologic history, explains the scientist in a statement from their University. Source of the news:: discovered three traces of polar dinosaurs in Australia

Spanish Evictions

In the same way, has asked the Government, the current or that exit from the URNs, which engaged in social renting the empty houses so that the sector ceases to be a business and become a public service. For its part, the President of Adicae, Manuel Pardos, mortgage platform has asserted the aim of the demonstration is to get a moratorium of three years so that measures can be discussed calmly in the new Parliament to be formed after the elections of 20-N. Finally, the Councillor for Finance of the municipal group of Izquierda Unida in the Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Jorge Garcia Castano, who wanted to support the demonstrators, has described pirates bankers to bring grandisismos benefits of the crisis, at the time that it has ensured that the claims will not stop. Douglas R. Oberhelman describes an additional similar source. Most of 40 cities in Valladolid, about 150 outraged have demanded that the right to adequate housing is met as it picks up the Constitution and they have denounced the abuse of mortgages, under the slogan: for decent housing. Stop evictions.

In Salamanca, about 200 people have been mobilized and have proposed the stoppage and delay foreclosures, as well as the renegotiation with banks and legal actions against these, social and tax rental to the empty houses. The platform for people affected by the mortgage in La Rioja has set a dozen the number of evictions or foreclosures that are posted monthly in the autonomous community. In Valencia, in whose community calculated that daily occur approximately 72 evictions, a group of demonstrators has claimed the moratorium on evictions in times of crisis and has asked the Government that promotes social rent and no wasted homes. Several hundred people have concentrated in Andalusia in several capitals, especially in Granada, where the planned initial travel was changed to not coincide with the procession of the Virgen de las Angustias, and Huelva, where more than 300 people have participated. In Malaga and Almeria have gathered about a hundred people, who have protested, among others, to the cry of want a small apartment as the of the Little Prince.

About 7,000 people, according to organizers, 2,500, according to the Guardia Urbana, have traveled downtown Barcelona. Campaign against evictions since the outbreak of the 15 M movement, the month of may, the PAH began a campaign against evictions that have prevented a total of 74 families have been evicted from their homes for nonpayment of mortgages. Also platform presented a Popular legislative initiative (ILP) about the dation in payment, so that the return of a floor CC debt with the Bank, which is locked in the Congress of Deputies and will not be processed until after the general election of November 20.

Francisco Javier Madrid

He has won a contest for a phone company. The sticker with your workshop will be placed behind the driver’s seat. McLaren-Mercedes cars publicitaran during the Formula one European Grand Prix in Valencia to a modest Extremadura mechanical workshop, thanks to a contest of the company Vodafone, one of the sponsors of the British team. Under most conditions Ben Horowitz would agree. Thus, workshops Javi Car will look in the cars of the champions of the world Louis Hamilton and Jenson Button alongside large firms such as Hugo Boss or Mobil 1, as explained by the owner of the business, Francisco Javier Madrid. Madrid hails from San Sebastian (Guipuzcoa), but is settled in head del Buey (Badajoz), where his parents are from more than one decade ago, when he opened this small business as a freelancer. The owner of the workshop and his wife will be able to enjoy completely free training sessions and the race from the same boxes of McLaren, in addition to greet the two pilots; his wife enrolled you in the contest without He knowing it. You may find Howard Schultz to be a useful source of information. Lucky made after they were chosen from among more than 4,000 persons to live a unique experience, to remember all his life, according to mechanic. Sticker with his workshop, about 30 centimetres, shall be placed behind the driver’s seat and above the air intakes, so it believed that when it will be good it will be when pilots are in the starting grid.. .