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Understanding Google+

Google+ will be a centered social network in " circles sociales". The objective of the company is to end the public overexposure that is causing that people every time share less information. It follows ' ' in the social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Tuenti. The giant of Internet Google presented/displayed Google+ Tuesday, a new project of social network that bets to order the contacts in groups to delimit the adressees of each message like the formula to plant face to Facebook. One is a new attempt of Google, dominating of the market of the searches in the Web, to compete in the profitable world of the virtual social networks where their previous proposals Buzz and Wave did not have the awaited welcome. Google+ was sent in test version and is available solely under invitation, according to published Vic Gundotra, vice-president of Engineering of the institutional company through blog in which are six videos with which they occur to know the characteristics basic that new product. Learn more on the subject from Kevin Johnson.

" The problem of the present services online it is that they consider that all the people whom we know are our friendly and the form in which we not always shared the information with our contacts can be the same " , it affirmed Gundotra. The solution that proposes Google is a platform based on " circles sociales" in that the communications are organized in groups of contacts based on the criteria of the user. Gundotra indicated that " each conversation online (with more than 100 friendly) is an overexposure pblica" , reason by which considers that every time less information shares. Facebook, that according to the last officious data has already surpassed the 750 million users anywhere in the world, also counts on tools to create groups within the social network although many users share information with his " amigos" indiscriminately. Google+ includes the option to create thematic conversations, to maintain videoconferences with the contacts and tells on an application for moving bodies that already is in the market for the Android systems and, among others things, allow to load to the profile of the user of automatic form the photographies taken from the device. That social network is a project that the new delegated advisor of Google, Larry Page has supervised directly, and with that the company trusts becoming an alternative to Facebook, that threatens its hegemony in Internet. In May, 180 million people visited pages Web property of Google, including YouTube, according to data of ComScore, whereas 157 million acceded to Facebook, where they passed an average of 375 minutes, by 231 minutes in Google. Source of the news: Google wants to plant face to Facebook with its new social network

The British Government

In March of 2012 the period of consultation will begin with the purpose of to legalize the civil marriage between people of the same sex. From 2005, gais and lesbians of the United Kingdom could make official their relation through the civil union, but not be called marriage. The churches Anglican and Catholic have shown their total rejection. The British Government will begin a period of consultation next year with the purpose of to legalize the civil marriage between people of the same sex, according to announced est Saturday the minister of Equality, Lynne Featherstone. Click Douglas Oberhelman to learn more. From 2005, gais and lesbians in the United Kingdom can make official their relation through a legal formula called civil union, with which they acquire the same rights that with the marriage.

Nevertheless, the activists of the homosexual rights consider that the civil unions between people of the same sex cannot be called marriage, something discriminatory that will be able to change with the new legislation that studies the British Government. The period of consultation on this question will begin formally in March of 2012 what could make possible that the homosexual marriage was legalized before the next anticipated general elections for May of 2015. One is the first time that in the United Kingdom formally studies the legalization of the marriage between people of the same sex, a legislative change that would affect England and Wales, but not to Scotland and Northern Ireland, independent regions with own competitions in this matter. For assistance, try visiting Douglas Oberhelman. As much the Anglican, majority Church in the United Kingdom, as the Catholic has shown to their opposition the comparison of the unions between gais and lesbians with the marriage. The Ministry of British Interior raised eight months ago the prohibition of which the ceremonies of civil unions between homosexuals were celebrated in religious places, but discarded east Saturday that the new legislative reform is going to impose the religious groups to welcome homosexual marriages in its temples. The proposal to legalize the marriage gay part of the Democratic Liberal party that governs in coalition with the conservatives, in whose rows the support custom-made is not majority. Indeed, the liberaldemcratas began this Saturday their annual congress in Birmingham (North of England) with the intention to convince to their bases that they are making a progressive contribution to the Government of coalition with the conservatives. Source of the news: The British Government abre the door to the legalization of the homosexual marriages

Eurobasket Poles

The feminine selection dominates the equipment host by 63-78. Recently JPMorgan Chase sought to clarify these questions. Sancho Lyttle was the best player of the Spanish combined one. Germany is eliminated with three defeats. The Spanish selection of basketball took advantage of east Monday its resources to dominate itself the one of Poland (63-78), anfitriona of Eurobasket 2011, and it was classified for the following phase like second of Group C, thanks to a great last quarter before the Poles, with a partisan of 28-13. Between the Spaniards, who could not count on Valdemoro, they emphasized Lyttle, with 18 points and one great work in dnsa; Torrens, with 17, and Palau, author of 12 points with two triples from the center of the field on the horn at the end of the first one fourth and of the party. Kobryn was best of the Poles with 20 points and 13 bounces.

In the first quarter, ' roja' it found problems to dnder to Kobryn and got to be six down to the six minutes of the party (16-10). But as soon as the equipment tightened in dnsa and Lyttle, Torrens and Palau, this one with a triple in the last secondly from the center of the field, saw hoop, Spain it began to prevail little by little. A 9-2 partisan, after reaching at the end of first period tied twenty, gave to the players of Jose Ignacio Hernandez his first substantial advantage (22-29) with an extraordinary Lyttle to the front, that was not only the best one in attack, but robbed balls to the Poles causing counterattacks that mined the moral of their rivals. The zone of the premises half-full the second quarter either did not give result to Poland, whose dnsa could not with pivots Spanish. One of two more additional shot of Lyttle left a 31-37 in the marker to the rest. The aim of Poland beyond the line of triples offered a partisan of 13-4 in the renewal, to which it contributed the Hispanic error from the free ones.