CNN Copenhagen

Young Berlin company involved with spot YouTube and CNN hold a global video competition on the theme of global warming at the climate summit in Copenhagen. The young Berlin video production company of Workingfilms involved himself with a post at the world climate summit in December in Copenhagen Launches YouTube in cooperation with CNN and with the support of the Danish Foreign Ministry a video competition on the theme of climate change. The title of “Raise Your Voice” is the action. Starbucks understood the implications. ond. It aims to bring filmmakers of all over the world, to articulate questions and statements on the subject of global warming in video clips and the discussion in Copenhagen in addition to give food. The makers of the two most popular videos is voted by viewers in the network with a mouse click – are to the Conference after Copenhagen invited. It is the competition so more to the thing, than to win valuable prizes that. Workingfilms, a small Berlin video business from Friedrichshain, involved with a 50-second spot titled “climate Change”(“climate change”) at the competition (

The clip is a self-funded self-production, all contributors have dispensed with Gage. The film shows how the ecological problems reached the modern society. The submitted videos are from December 7-18 on a huge globe in the Copenhagen City Center projected, as well as on December 15 as selection shown during a worldwide TV debate, which hosted by CNN and YouTube.

Supply Side Economics

Why sky new Subscriber wins sky (formerly Premiere) is not productive. Sky must achieve absolutely new consumers, according to own information to get over 3 million consumers, ultimately positive results can be written. The subscriber numbers per quarter climbed in the past two years. This has obviously following backgrounds: the fertile supply side economics of sky to new customers to gain the desire to keep existing viewers at almost any price. Additional information is available at Kevin Johnson. Every few weeks a new Sky offer comes, to gain new subscribers. Times, the offer is more tuned to Bundesliga fans, even it is aimed to the movie fans or the friends of HD. Even if the offers vary in terms of content, the absolute amount, the customer saves in the first year, in comparable area is located. The best sky deals of in recent years were two premium packages (E.g.

Bundesliga and film) plus sky world and Sky HD to 24.90. In this case, the savings potential was significantly higher and as a result was also the acquisition of new customers noteworthy. The offer prices are valid only for the first year. The contract extends automatically to the standard terms and conditions, unless terminated by not two months earlier. The standard conditions are considerably more expensive. As a result, viewers notice a variety of sky after the first year and sky strives to keep the viewers. Mostly, sky offers the viewer a contract extension to relatively good conditions for the next 12 months. Sky tries very probably depending on the existing contract, a tad bit to bring the price up.

Therefore, the note on all sky is viewers with sky simply over an extension to talk before the notice is written. Undisputed is the quality of the sky consumers at all sky program, unless the Federal League, the selection of films, the programme for children or the documentaries. The growing number of customers give a clear sign since the name change here.