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Sawing Plywood

Plywood – a material that is widely used in various industries, and in everyday life. It is very suitable for furniture, for any construction work. So when it comes to furniture, then self furniture manufacturing – this savings and the opportunity to express themselves creatively. The very first thing that comes to mind when referring to construction – leveling floors with plywood, which is really not that difficult done without the involvement of experts, would be only just made sawn material. Sawing plywood in home usloviyahPri use plywood as an industrial scale, and home-compulsory stage work is the cutting and sawing sheets. Accurately and efficiently cut its home-impossible. The process is very time consuming, is associated with a lot of fine dust. Fortunately recent book cutting and sawing can have when buying the material.

This ensures that the work will be done on professional equipment and in the shortest possible time. Types of cutting, sawing faneryRaspil plywood can be up and down on a sheet harvesting the desired size. More information is housed here: Douglas R. Oberhelman. In this case, there are several types of cutting plywood. The easiest – it's a straight cut. As a result of receiving the rectangular cut plywood piece used for flooring, for furniture appropriate forms. Following form cutting – a curved. It is carried out when necessary to obtain the workpiece with curved lines, or in the form of a circle, for example, for the manufacture of plywood boxes cylindrical form. The third type of cut – mixed.

In such a cutting obtained details of how to direct, and with curved lines. This may be a need for flooring in the room in which not all angles straight – there is a semicircular steny.Osobennosti cut faneryLuchshe all for cutting the plywood to use tape or circular saws. Clean cut is obtained only if the process is carried out according to certain rules. First sawed perpendicular to the direction of fibers and Only then along. Angles in such cutting will not split. When sawing the front side of the plywood used a manual or a band saw, and on the reverse side – disc or contour. When sawing a circular saw blade should provide high speed and low coefficient of flow sheet. Limit the penetration of teeth saw blade to be small. Whichever saw was not used, it is important that she had small teeth. The probability of formation creases will drop, if the cutting line to the saw, gentle pressure, with little impact. Protect the surface of the chips may also, stuck on the line cut plywood adhesive tape. In conclusion, we say that, of course, plywood – material is fairly simple, which is perfectly suited for many types of construction, production and individual creativity. In this case, sawing, cutting plywood and can be home, but the qualitative result better to turn to dealing with this company. This is especially true if the volume of plywood to cut big.


Sooner or later, everyone decides to bring home a ceramic or mosaic tiles, a decorative stone and so on. And how many people you can face the challenge of time and the problem of choosing not only the tiles but the mixture at by which tile. What to do if there is no time to wait for a complete hardening of the dry mortar? My advice – choose a dry mortar ivsil 'Express +' (the weight of the bag – 25 kg.). In – First, it is very simple and easy to use with its help any tile can even a novice of this case. In – the second this mixture can be used for both internal and for external works, at what temperature operation after complete solidification of -300 To +700 degrees Celsius. In – the third moisture to this mixture is also not a handicap! But there is one drawback – it is the viability of the solution, which is only 30 minutes. Sold this mortar in bags of 25 kg, because consumption of this mixture is very low, as the ball causing the finished mixture is minimal, ie, it is desirable to work with a comb! In general, if you need urgently to put the tiles in any room or outdoors, then I recommend the use of mortar ivsil 'Express +'.